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Publication numberUS7492 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1850
Publication numberUS 7492 A, US 7492A, US-A-7492, US7492 A, US7492A
InventorsIsaiah Jennings
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Isaiah jennings
US 7492 A
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Lamp Tube.

Patented )my 9, 1850.




Specification of Letters Patent No. 7,492, dated July 9, 1850.

To all whom may concern:

Be it known that I, IsArAH JENNINGS, of the city, county, and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in the Tubes of Lamps, and do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the annexed drawings, making a part of this specification, in which- Figure I is an elevation of the lamp as improved. Fig. II is a section of my improvement. l

The nature of my invention consists in certain improvements in lamps; said improvements having for their object the regulating of the length of the wick and adjusting the same without moving it up or down in the tube.

The ideaof regulating the flame of a lamp by a slidingtube or pipe, I am aware has been entertained before, as such arrangement was made by myself many years ago, and adopted by others also, but in all these contrivances there were difliculties to contend with arising from the fact that the tubes in order to pass over each other and have suiiicient friction toremain in any given place. were made perfectly parallel and straight from end to end. The result of this was the liability of the burning matter to ooze out over the top and its consequent running down on the outside of the lamp. This defect was especially apparent in burning volatile oils rendering the use of it extremely dangerous. The arrangement otherwise .was found to be convenient. The only remedy for the defect was to give a tapering shape to the tube and then find a means of holding the regulator in its place. My improvement accomplishes this.

At (a) is seen the tube for holding the wick and affixed to the cap of the lamp in the ordinary manner, above the cap on the outside it is straight for a short dist-ance?, affording a place on which to cut a screwthread. The top part from the screw to the end is gradually tapered and on the in side it is tapered from the top to the bottom. I next it a cap (o) screwed to correspond with (a.) and likewise tapered at the .top part as shown. The wick is now to be drawn up through and passed out of both tubes a proper distance to regulate the light which is effected by simply screwing up or down the cap (b). as clearly shown,

the screw meanwhile holding said cap in any j required position.

Vhat I claim as of my own invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is- The combina-tion of the two conical tubes as shown for forming a regulator for the .flame of a lamp substantially as described.


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