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Publication numberUS75038 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1868
Publication numberUS 75038 A, US 75038A, US-A-75038, US75038 A, US75038A
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US 75038 A
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Leers Patent No. 75,038, me Mat-ct 186e.


@Llp tlgihtle rifiuti tu im )flirte tettitt iittnt mit mating mi if the time.'


Be it known that LYDAVID C. MAYO, of Richmond, Henrico county, Stu-te of Virginia, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Presses for lnckingpShred-Tobacco; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full and clear description ot' the same, reference being-made to the accompanying drawings, and letters of reference thereon.

Figure 1 is a front elevation.

Figure 2 is n. vertical transverse section.

Figure 3 is an elevation of the filling-tubes.

Figure 4 is a view ofthe top of filling-tubes.

Figure 5 is a view ofthe lling-tubes--No. 1 to be filled, No. 2 for pressing.

The nature f my invention consists in the use ot' a press for the purpose of packing shred or eut tobacco in bugs, so` that, by weighing the given quantity required for any bag, and emptying the same into a metallic attened pipe or tube, and placing the bag and tube under the press, the plungers, by being forced down into the tube, will compress the tobacco in the bags without injuring thedatter.

In the drawing, A is the frame ofl the press, which is supported on substantial bearings a a, which can be screwed down or'otherwise made fast to the I'oor. B B are the slides of the press, working through the shelves at C and C', having at the lowerv ends connecting-bars 6 b, and otherbars b b1, which are pivoted at b2 b2 on the sides of thelfralme, and which are fixed on the lever-shaft d. D is the foot-lever or treudle, having on the back -end a counterpoise, d; -E is the cross-head, fastened to the slides B B, on which are screwed the plungers e e.

F is the frame, with the tubesfj' inserted in it, and* fastened on the upper side by turning over thellanges.

The mannerof using the press is as follows, viz: The bags being madeof the proper size to hold the quantity of tobacco, say a. quarter or half or whole pound, the tubes are mnde'of suicient length to accommodate the quantity, andthe bags being fastened under theftubes, the-tobacco is poured into them, and the tubes are then reversed, as in No. 2, fig. '5, and placed on the shelf c, and, by putting the foot on the troaflle D, the

` plungers e e are immediately brought down into the tubes, and the tobacco is forced quite down into the begs;

the hand is then applied to the cap of the tubes F, and, by an upward motion, the tubes are'withdraivn along the plungers, and, byvreleasing the treadle, the counterpoise at once throws up the slides, and the plungersare Withdrawn,'a.nd the bags are ready to be closed.

Having .thus described my invention, what I clnim as new therein, and which I desire to secure by Letters Patent of theUnitedvStntes, is The combination'of the lever and counterpoise d, and eonnectingrodsvb b2, and slides B B, cross-head E,

plunrrers e e, with llincf-tubes ff, all arrtm ed substenltiall as herein described.

D, g y DAVID e. MAYO.



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Cooperative ClassificationB65B1/24