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Publication numberUS75129 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1868
Publication numberUS 75129 A, US 75129A, US-A-75129, US75129 A, US75129A
InventorsGeorge Ouster
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Improved washing-machine
US 75129 A
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@uitrit faire getest @fitter GEORGE oUsTEEfoE NoERIsToWN, PENNSYLVANIA, AssiGNoE To 'HIM'- SELF. AND WILLIAM Moons, oF THE SAME PLAGE.

Letters Patent No. 75,129, dated Match 3, 1868.


die .stichtte-nitriet tu im tinte ztttrs @tout mit :immagini at the tum.-


Be it known that I, GEORGE CUSTER, (assigner to myself` and William Moore,) of Norristown, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, have -invented an Improved Washing-Machine; and I do hereby declare the following to be afull, clear, and exact description of the same. v

A My invention consists of a. washing-machine in'which a box containing the clothes is ca used to turn in one direction, anda ribbed roller within the said box to turn inan' op'positcdirection, `as fully described hereafter,

the clothes being thus so thoroughly agitated that the particles of dirt are quickly removed from the same.

In order to enable others skilled in the art to make and uso my, invention, lI will now proceed to describe its construction-and operation, rference being-had toithe accompanying drawing, whichfo'rms a part' of this specification, and in which 'Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view of my improved washing-machine.

. Figure 2, a. transverse vertical section on the line 1-2, fig 1; and

Figure Sian end view, partly in section;

Similar letters refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

In suitable bearings in two standards, b and', secured to 4a horizontal frame, A, turn the journals of, a shaft, B, oni which is hung loosely a. square box, C, as shown in the drawing; and to the shaft .Bwithinv 4 the said box is secured a roller, D,.on which are longitudinal ribs e. At the sides of .the box C are ribslf, and from each-corner` projects a. blade, f', the said ribs and blades being parallel -to the ribs on the roller D., and at. one side ofthe box isa-hinged lid or cover, The shaftB'has atoneendacrank-handlqh; and a. pinioughf,-v secured tofthe shaft near the .handlen gears into a cog-Wheel, t', upon nshort spindle turning in the standard bf To aispindle, j, which tu'rns in the standard above the wheel i, are secured a pinion, c and a cog-whoehkf, -the former gearing into thefcog-wheel t', and thevlatter4 into arwhcel, t, secured to the en d of the box C, and turning with the box on the shaft B. vv

After opening the lid g, the water, suds, and the clothes to be washed are introduced into the box C, the lid is then closed and fasten-ed, and the shaft Bis turned inthe direction of its arrow, iig. 2. The contents of the box C arecarried upwards by theprojectionsf and-bladcsf until abo-ve the roller D,11pon whichvthcy then fall, thesaidroller revolving in an oppositediroction to thc box, unfolding the clothes so that the water and suds elevated by thej blades f are discharged into the interstices of thefvclothes, from which they are forced, carrying the particles of dir-t with them, as the clothes arerubbed against thcprojections @,f, aiid f', after falling from the, roller. 7

Afterthe clothes-have been cleansed, the box Cis turned to the posit-ion shownin g, 1, the lid is opened, and the clothes removed. The box is then reversed and the dirty water allowed to run voit'. The box'may thon be turnedto its first position, filled, and the operation repeated.

I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent- The box O, Aits ribsor projections f and f', in combination with th'e ribbed roller B, and with tlie.within ldescribed devices, or their equivalents, for imparting a rotary motion in oncdirection tothe box and in the other to thezroller, substantially as and for the purpose specified. i v i In testimony whereof,I have signedmy name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.



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