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Publication numberUS751356 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 2, 1904
Filing dateFeb 16, 1903
Publication numberUS 751356 A, US 751356A, US-A-751356, US751356 A, US751356A
InventorsW. Smith
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op philadelphia
US 751356 A
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No. 751,356. PA'IBNTED FEB. 2, 1904. W. SMITH.


APPLICATION FILED r1113. 16, 1903.


' UNITED STATES Patented February 2, 1904.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 751,356, dated February 2, I904.

' Applicationfiled February 16, 190a Serial No. 143,564. (No odel.)

To all whom it mag concern;

Be it known thatI, WILLIAM SMITH, a citizen of the United States, residing-in Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania, have invented certain Improvements in Trowel-Handles, 'of which the following is a specification. 1 Y

The object of my invention is to provide a wooden handle for trowels with arubber grip portion whereby a firm hold upon the handlecan be secured, this rubber grip being so disposed as not to weaken the handle or-interr fere with the-secure fasteningof the same to the tang or shank of the trowel-blade.

' In the accompanying drawings, Figure'l isa 'perspective'viewfi of a] vbricklayers trowel havlng a handle constructed --in accordance with my invention; and Fig; 2 is a sectional I view, on a larger scale, of said handle and of the tang, shank, and part of the bladeof the trowel. f .A firm grip upon the handle 'ofa bricklayers trowel is required in order to prevent the trowel from turning when its edge is being used for splitting or chipping bricks; 'andmy In the drawings, 1 represents the blade of an ordinary bricklayers trowel having at the butt 'an upwardly-bent stem or shank 2, which terminates in the usual rearwardly-extending tang 3, the latter being driven into the wooden handle 4, which is provided-at the front end with the usual metal ferrule 5 to prevent splitting and for protective purposes.

In the outer surface of the handle, in the rear of that portion of the same which receives the tang 3, I forma shallow groove and fit into the same a rubbersleeve 6, the outer face of which is flush with the surface of the handle, this rubber sleeve being long enough to provide a sufficiently-extended grippingsurface for the hand whereby slipping or turning of the handle inthe hand is prevented when the edge .of-the trowel is being used for splitting or chipping bricks.

to permit it to be slipped over the handle, from either end-before the handle is applied to the trowel or from the butt-end after the handle has beenapplied, the contractile power of the sleeve causing it to'fit snugly withinthe recess formedin the handle for its reception, although any available'cement may, if desired,

, be used for securing the rubber sleeve in the recess and" as an additional safeguarolfor pre necessitate the removal of any material portion Of the wood-of which the handle is comcost ofthe handle.

' venting it from turning on the handle. This I method of applying the rubber grip does not. 6o 1 "posed, and as the grip is applied-to the solid {portion of the handle in the 'rear of the'tang" it does not-weaken the handleor interfere in anyway with the driving of the} same upon,

the tang 3, nor does it add materially tofthe Having thus describ'edmy invention, I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent I A trowel. having a stem with rearwardlyextendingtang, an integral wooden handle driven upon the latter, a sleeve of rubber let into a shallow surface groove in said handle in the rear ofthe tang and retaining, its position therein by reason of its resiliency, the

outer surface of the sleeve being flush with the surface .of the wooden handle, s ubstan' tially as specified, w

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to-this specification in the presence of two sub-.


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Cooperative ClassificationE04F21/06