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Publication numberUS752018 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1904
Filing dateMar 3, 1903
Publication numberUS 752018 A, US 752018A, US-A-752018, US752018 A, US752018A
InventorsJffice scott Stjewabt
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US 752018 A
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CHECK wml.



zontal position and which swings hack eut of engagement with the check when the car is tilted, as in dumping'.

in Fig. lT i provide a check having a recess 11" at one edge-to receive the ball., and 'the ball- AWay 6 is extended longitudinallf,7 of the cas- This form is deing instead oi: transversely; signedto he attached te the side oi a c ar instead of the rear thereof, is the'case with the hist-described forni. The check used in this forni ef my invention may he used. with either form of casing' or lock, since the recess in this case may receive the ball exactly as does the hole ll in the liorn'n'ir case when used With the Jornn of casing shown. in Figs. 3 and in the modiiication the check is spr-.nw pressed, as heretofore desnribed.l an d the mede et operationv is suhstai'itiall5v Vthe saine.

Having' fully described n'iy invention7 what I claim as new, and desire to secure h v Letters Patent, is

l. A check-hold er comprising a case having' a slot for the insertion of the stem of a check and having' an inclined passage intersecting said slot, and a locking device mounted to move in said inclined passage and acted upon hy gravitative force for positive movement in each direction either to engage with er release said check, substantially as described.

2. lin a lock for a niiners car-check7 a hall, a casing liavinga recess therein and provided with an inclined aperture in which the bail. can travel, a tace-plate ter the casing, check locked in the casing' by the ball andnieans for securing the casing te the Body of a mine-car.

in a lock of the character described. a casing having' a recess therein and provided with an inclined aperture, lugs in the casing, a ball. adapted to travel in the inclined aperture et the casing, a check having shoulders and provided With means to permit the hall te support the check, a spring having one end se cured by the lugs and its opposite end bearing against the inserted edge of the check whereby)rr the ball is prevented from accidental displacement oy the vibrations oi' the ear and means for Securing the lock to the body of the car as and for the purpose specied.

*reame e. lin. iocl for aininers check, a casing having a recess and provided with an inclined aperture, a hall adapted to travel in elined aperture of the casing., a face-plated ing` a recess registering with the inciin o. aperture the casing whereby the hai. f initted to engage the check, lngsf tegral with the casing, a spring has end secured by the ings and its eppes i bearing against the inserted edge of the check whereby the cheek is prevented treni accif dental disigilaccifnen't suhstantiaily as hed.

in a checlrsholder, a case previded withV slot fer reception et the stem of tl and having an .ineiined passage inter. c n port an ei the siot and et \.vitl'is and a ieelfing device .movable in the inclined passage 'by graviative action and haw its end 'poi-tiens extended berend 'Jpiosite sides of sint te nia e positive e ement with the ease., suhstantiallg,r dessi died.

6. in a checleheider.; a case prevideifl with an intersecti g slet and .inciined a locking device nievahle in said inelinee sage in each direction by gravitativc force, a. check having a stern. te enter said siet and vided with notch for reeeptien ei the ici ing devi-ce and a spring for exerting" an ward or e 'nward pressure upon the .50ct'. substantiailg;T as deiw -i'il;ed.

with an ed ge 7. in combination, case `nrfgivided with a siot intersect nclined pas ing' device inovainie in said inc each direction by gravitative cli-eck having stein adapted the presence of two Witnesses, this 5th defyY o`t` February., i903.


Witnesses: y

Centr. it/lennis74 HARRY S/ifrrnnnmu).


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Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/18