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Publication numberUS752147 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1904
Filing dateOct 27, 1902
Publication numberUS 752147 A, US 752147A, US-A-752147, US752147 A, US752147A
InventorsMyron Lloyd Derick
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Sponge-rubber mattress
US 752147 A
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Patentea'rebmry 1e, 19o4.


' MYRQN LLOYD naaien, or CHICAGO, rm'lmors.

vsPoNe.lav-aulasEn MATTRESS.

srncrrrcn'rron forming par: of Letters Patent No. 752,147,ata February 1c, 1904.*

Appunti@ site 00am 27,1902. sean N2. 128,956. (no man.)

y To all whom it may concern.:V

Be it known that I, MYRoN LLOYD DERIcK a citizen of the United States of America, and

aresident of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain. newl and useful Improvements in Sponge-Rubber Mattresses, of which the following is -a specication.

` he main obfects of my invention areto pro;

vide an improved comparatively inexpensive sanitary mattresato combine m-.a mattress the properties of resiliency and uniformity of support, and to provide for suitablyconstruct- :ing such mattress with slabs of sponge-rubberwhich can be readily combined to'make mattresses of -diilerent sizes and which can 'be readily separated for thorough cleaning of the structure. 'I accomplish theseobjects by vthe device shown in the accompanying drawings, in which- .y 1

Figure 1 is atop plan of a mattress constructed according to my invention. Fig. 2 is a top diagrammatic plan of the same with the cover of fabric, removed to show the arrangement'of the parts in the interior o f same.

Fig. 3 is a transversesection on the line 3 3 of Fig. j Fig. 4: is a side diagrarmnatic elevation of the parts shownin Fig. 2. f g

In the form shown the mattress consistsof 'a plurality of slabs of sponge-rubber arranged4 ina plurality; of `layers l4:, 5,' and 6. The layers 4 and 6 each consistof four slabs 1,-arf

' ranged as shown Vby the/full lines in. Fig. 2. VThe inner layer 5 consists o nine slabs, ar-

ranged as indicated bythe dotted lines to break joints with the slabs in the-layersy 4- and 6.

The central slab 7 in the layer 5 is of the same size as the slabs l' in the layers 4 and 6. -The remaining` slabs of the layer 5 are halves and quarters ofthe slabs 1. The rubber parts ofV the mattress are surrounded by a covering 8 of suitable textile fabric. The three layers of rubber and the covering 8 are all secured together and quilted by a plurality of stays or cords 9. arranged as shown in Fig'. 1, and connected with suitable buttons 10 on the upper and4 lower faces of the mattress.

. at their outer? surface: 4

vThe mattress may be cleaned by immers-ing'.

general structure more rigid,and to provide vand when .molded in the usual manner will when taken from themold have allof its 50" outer. surfaces covered by a continuous Elm-of rubber of 'denser structure than the interior l of the slab. I prefer to cut of such film, so as to make the slabs more porous and resilient same in boiling Water or4 an antiseptic solution. The nature ofthe material and struc-' ture of the mattress permits this to be done without separating the slabs or removing-the' cover.V If a more thorough renovation is desired, the parts may be separated by removing the stays9. vThe quilting. of the mattress l serves to hold. the slabs together, to make the for airsspaces between the mattress and the 'body of the user,'such as are now provided in lother quilted mattresses and upholstery,

such air-spaces .being in addition to the airspaces provided bythe porousness of the slabs.

. g It will be seen l thatv some ofthe details of the construction shown maybe altered without departing from the spirit of my invention.- I therefore do not confine myself to .such details exceptas hereinafter limited in the claim.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to`V secure by .Letters Patent, is-f -As an article of' manufacture, a mattress comprising a plurality of layers of spongerubber- `surrounded, by.a covering of textile fabric, each of saidlayers consisting of a plus rality ofA slabs with abutting-joints, the slabs of one layer being .arranged so as tobreak joints with .those of the next succeeding layer, substantially as described.

. 'Signed at Chicago this 22d day of October, 19o2. 1 .l w MYRON- LLOYD DERICK;

' Witnessesz` EUGENE A. Reimann,

WM. R. Romana.

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