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Publication numberUS752254 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 16, 1904
Filing dateApr 30, 1902
Publication numberUS 752254 A, US 752254A, US-A-752254, US752254 A, US752254A
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Boot or shoe ventilator
US 752254 A
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@AHMED FEB; 16, 1904. y G. J. PATTGN. V300x on sHoB VENTILATUR.



. attached to a shoe,

Patented February #1)6', 1904.



SPECIFICATION .forming part of Letters Appennini and 'April 30,1902.

To all whom, 11125 may :co-noemt.' l Be it known that L GEORGE Jos'nrn PATTON,

` a citizen of the United States, reslding at Nokefor the ventilation of boots, shoes, or rubbers,y

novel features ot' construction,

ville, in the county1 o't' Prince William .and

State of Virginia, have invented a new and useful Boot or Shoe following is a specification.

This invention' has Jfor its object to provide more particularly of rubber boots,either While upon the foot or after the removal; andthe invention consists in a ventilating-aperture in the toe or upper portion of the boot or shoe and having a movable Water-tight closure.

The invention further consists in certain as hereinafter shown and described, and specicallypointed out in the claim.


Y exposed to moisture and often immersed in.,

. view of the same.

This invention is more particularly applicable `to rubber'and hunting boots, which are Water or'hours at a time, and provides for the thorough ventilation of the interiors, especially'oiA the remote parts. of the foot or toe portions, to dry them out after such exposure.

In the drawings illustrative of the invention. Figure l represents aside view of the top portion .of a shoe with the improved ventilating attachment applied thereto. Fig. 2 -is an enlarged vertical section of the device the shoe portion being also Fig. 3 is an enlarged plan be attached to any portion but prefershown in section.

The device will of the upper of the boot or shoe,

sleeve 10, inserted into an aperture through. the shoe (represented at 11) and secured there,- in preferably by Hanging aboveand 'below the shoe material, as at '12 13, with a sheetmetal plate 14, secured by the ange 13 on l the outside of the shoe.

The sleeve 1() Will preferably be of metal, but may be of any suitable material and will be provided at its upper end with acap 'or .cover 15, as shown. At one side the plate or frame 14 is provided with ears 16, adapted to engage a rectangular lever-frame 17, inclosing the sleeve, and

21,' to the cap or cover 15 distributed upon opposite and consists of a collar or- Patent No. 752,254, dated. February 16, 19,04.'-

senn No. 105,382. No model.)

having a catch 18, adapted lao-engage a lug or stop 19 on the plate 14 opposite to the ears 16. The leverframe 17 is connected, as at 20 on oppositesides, The pressure of the rectangularV 15 will thus be sides, thus equalizing the pressure andforming a tight closure.V Byvthis means the cap 15 is secured in position upon the sleeve and adapted to be folded back to uncover the sleeve, as indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 2.

By connecting the cap 15 centrally at opposite sides it will bemovable as upon trunnions upon the lever-frame and will be therefore as shown.

kfree to adapt itself to its seat upon the' sleeve A and yield to any irregularity of surface thereon to insure a close joint between the parts. v A rubber or other suitable iiexible packing will preferably be inserted between 4the elosure 15 and the plate d4 to insure a water-n tight joint. may be formed inl the upper portion of the boot or shoe when required, either While on the foot or after its removal, whereby athorough ventilation of the interior may be had, especially the remote portions, and thereby thoroughly dry them out after long exposure. to moisture, and also to prevent undue perspiration as Well as affording a means for the escape of moisture or other'results of the perspiration ofo the foot. v

The invention is especially valuable as applied to rubber and hunting boots, as before stated, which are frequently immersed for long Y periods of time in Water and which it is very dilicult to thoroughly dry out, especially in the remote portions of the toes. Wfith my device applied thereto, however, van opening is provided near the toes, which may beclo'sed Water-tight When required and opened out when the boot o r shoe is to be ventilated or dried out.

The aperture maybe of any required size and the closure supported and actuated by any suitable means and?! be modified and changed in minor details without departing from the spirit or sacrificing-any of the advantages'thereof.

By this simple device an opening Having thus described my invention, Wha-t y A Ventilating device for boots and shoes,l

A)mprising a'cylindrica-l tubular member e.;- ending through and connected with the uper, ij. bse-plate adjacent to the outer side of xe'upper andhaving upturned ends, fanges` )nnected hingedly with one upturned'end of the base-plate, piyo'tal connecting means between the sides of said rectangular frame and the cap, and meansfor connectingthefree end of the rectangular frame withy the opposite upturned end'of the base-plate. Y v

, In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my own I have hereto'axed my signature in the presence of two witnesses.

GEORGE JOSEPH PAION. Witnesses; v 4 L. A. LARKIN, Jr.,

Trios. H. LION.

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