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Publication numberUS753597 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1904
Filing dateSep 23, 1903
Publication numberUS 753597 A, US 753597A, US-A-753597, US753597 A, US753597A
InventorsCharles Ernest Long
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Charles ernest long
US 753597 A
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PATBNTBD MAR. 1, 1904.




.THE noan s vzrzns co, movaurnm. WASHINGTON, a. c.



UNITED STATES l atented March 1, 1904.



SPEGIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 753,597, dated March 1, 1904.

Application filed September 23, 1903. Serial No. 174,270. (No m'odel.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, CHARLES ERNEST Lone, a subject of the King of Great Britain, residing at Cannycourt, Brannockstown, county Kildare, Ireland, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Salt-Receptacles, of which the following is a specification.

This invention refers to an improved device composing a receptacle for salt, which receptacle forms a storage-reservoir for the condiment, in which the latter is .normally closed to the air and from which regulated quantities of the salt may be delivered by a mechanically-operated delivery mechanism; and the invention consists in the construction and combinations of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

The device constructed according to this invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, whereon- Figure l is an elevation; Fig. 2, a vertical section with the movable parts in their normal positions; Fig. 3, a vertical section with the mechanism in the act of delivering the salt, and Fig. 4 a plan view with the cover removed.

The body 1 of the receptacle is of cylindrical form, the upper part forming a cup 2 to receive the salt, which is fitted with a removable lid 3, shown screw-threaded onto the body. The interior base 4: of the cup 2 inclines toward one lower point, where an opening 4: is formed, which communicates with the upper part of an inclined cylindrical tube 5. This tube 5 extends beyond the exteriorwall of the receptacle 1 and is bent downward, it being through this tube 5 that the salt is delivered.

Within the tube 5 I fit a plunger 6, having a connecting-rod 7 pivoted to its end and extending through the opposite wall of the receptacle 1 and being there pivoted at 8 to a lever or handle 9, fulcrumed on the body 1 at 10.

A spring 11 is provided about the rod? within the tube 5, its ends being connected, respectively, to the plunger and to a cover-plate 12 on the exterior of the body and so tensioned as to normally retain and bring the plunger 6 into that position shown at Fig. 2 when the exit of the salt will be closed.

The plunger 6 is formed at the end opposite to the connecting-rod 7 with a vertical slot extending through the said plunger and normally being located beneath the aperture 4: in the base 4 of the cup 2, and therefore the slot 13 becomesfilled with salt.

When the plunger 6 is forced against the action of its spring 11 through the tube 5, a measured quantity of salt will fall out of thesaid slot 13 when the latter comes over the bend 1 1 of the tube 5, while at the same time the exitaperture 4: from the chamber of the receptacle will be closed by the rear end of the plunger 6, as is shown at Fig. 3 of the drawings. The movement of the plunger 6 to produce this result is effected simply by pressing the handle 9 with a finger of the users hand, and upon the release of that pressure the spring automatically returns the plunger 6 and the handle 9 to position ready for the next operation. Such a construction enables the device to be entirely manipulated by one hand of the userthat is, by grasping the device with one hand-the lever can be depressed and the measured quantity of salt thereby delivered.

The apparatus is constructed, as shown, in the form of an ordinary upright pump, the spout of the pump forming the extension 14: of the tube 5 and the directive passage for the salt-delivery.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

In a salt-receptacle from which the contained 7 salt is to be delivered by mechanical devices;

the combination with a normally closed container for holding a store of salt, an inclined base within the container having a deliveryaperture for the salt formed at the lower part of the said base, an inclined tube 5 passing through the structure beneath the inclined base 4, the said tube having an aperture coinciding with the aperture of the inclined base, the tube extending at its lower end be yond the outer wall of the container, and a downward extension 14: at the lower end of the tube to form a delivery-spout; of a plunger located in the tube, the said plunger having a vertical through aperture to receive the portion of the salt to be delivered, a helical tension-spring located in the tube having one end fixed to the. plunger, a plate 12 covering the upper end of the tube the other end of the spring being fixed to the said plate, a connecting-rod pivoted to the plunger and passing through a perforation in the plate, an operating-arm 9 pivoted to the upper part of the container, and a pivot-pin 8 connecting the connecting-rod to the said arm, substantially as set forth.




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