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Publication numberUS754294 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1904
Filing dateSep 17, 1903
Priority dateSep 17, 1903
Publication numberUS 754294 A, US 754294A, US-A-754294, US754294 A, US754294A
InventorsIda J Foglesong
Original AssigneeIda J Foglesong
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US 754294 A
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No. 754,294. PATENTED MAR. 22, 1904. 1. J. FOGLESONG.



mun asses:

; g1! Attoxmm gunmtur;

v No. 754,294.

PATENTED MAR. 8-, 1904.




2 SHEETS-411E111 2.


m m m @v-IIII a m M ii! I w %(a 93 gumm UNITED STATES Patented March 8, 1904.



SPECIFICATIOK forming part of Letters Patent No. 754,294, dated March 8, 1904.

I Application filed September 17,1903. Serial No. 173,574- (No model.)

zen of the United States, residing at St. Paul,

in thecounty of Ramsey and State ofMinnesota, have invented new and useful Improvements in Horse-Blankets, of which the following is a specification.

,This invention relates to horse-blankets of the character that are designed to superinduce sweating for therapeutic and other purposes.

- It is the object of the invention to provide such improvements in the kind of horse-blankets mentioned as will render the same more efiicient and prompt in their action, 'make them to all intents and purposes quite flexible, and render them easy ofthorough airing and renovation.

- To these ends my invention consists of the construction, combination, and arrangement of parts and features hereinafter more fully disclosed in connection with the annexed drawings, and specifically pointed out in the claims following the general description.

In the accompanying drawings, illustrating the preferred embodiment of my-invention, Figure 1 is a view of the blanket, showing it as applied for use, parts being shown as broken rows of stitches by which the longitudinal away. Fig. 2 is a section of a part taken transversely to the direction in which the wires are passed through the blanket. Fig. 3 is a view showing the blanket spread or extended, parts being shown as broken away.

In the production of my improved horseblanket I take a sheet 1, of'any suitable nonconducting material such, for example, as a sheet of asbestoswhich forms the top or covering portion 1 of the blanket. I'then form an inner sheet or'lining 1 for the blanket by taking a breadth or breadths of canvas or any other material adapted to the purpose and plaitor fold thesame upon itself at close intervals, stitching the folds along their longitudinal edges to themselves and to the body of the lining, fonming a series of closed pockets 2, closely arranged throughout the whole structure .of the lining: This lining may be secured to the covering sheet or portion 1 by independent rows of stitches or by the same quired to form such pockets.

the employment of the lining or inner part 1" edges of the folds or plaits of the lining are stitched to the body of the sheet 1.. In a liningsheet thus formed it will be seen that open spaces 5 extend between the top and lining parallel with the plaits or pockets 2, which enables the blanket to be thoroughly aired and renovated when it is desired that this should be done. Within said pocket or closures 2 are contained or inserted two continuous tortuous wires 3, intertwisted or looped one upon the other at short intervals and suitably insulated, said WlIGS' being passed through said pockets back and forth throughout the lining 1", with their end portions or terminals 3* emerging from or near one corner of and projecting a suitable distance from the blanket. Said terminals or end portions 3 are adapted to be connected to a suitably-controlled electrical source of supplyas, for instance, a storage battery. These last-mentioned parts and features form no part of my present invention and may be of any known or suitable form and construction, and hence need not be further described. Said blanket has formed therewith at the requircd points extensions 4", suitably provided with buckles and straps 4 or like means for securing said extensions around the animals legs and erupper-like to its tail, said blanket being adapted to be also bodily secured to the animal.

The outer portion of the blanket 1 being of non-conductive material serves to prevent the radiation'or escape of the electrically-generated heat, and therefore. provides for the maximum utilization of the action of the electricity. It is also observed that by forming the pockets integrally with the lining or portion 1 of the blanket the use in connection with the latter of an additional or separate piece is obviated, as would otherwise be re- Further, by

and providing it with pockets for the reception of the wires as distinguished from applying such wires directly to a blanket made of one piece or part the electrical fluid is permitted to be evenly or uniformly and readily distributed throughout the blanket, the same passing through the space provided in rear of and between said lining and said top non-con-- ductive or imperforate portion.

The open spaces 5 between the plaits or pockets are of special importance in the invention, since they assist materially in making the blanket flexible, easy of thorough airing and renovation when necessary, and they also make the blanket quite pliable in the direction of the length of the pockets or plaits.

It will be understood that I do not limit myself to the details herein, as they may be changed as circumstances suggest and said invention yet be intact and protected.

WVhat I claim is 1. A horse-blanket comprising in its construction an outer sheet or portion and a lining or inner portion, pockets being formed at short intervals in the lining and open spaces 5 being left .to extend between each two pockets, and the outer portion and lining being suitably united; and insulated wires extending through the said pockets with their projeeting terminals adapted to be connected to an electrical source of supply.

2 A horse-blanket comprising in its construction an outer sheet or portion, and a lining having pockets or plaits formed therein at short intervals by folding-a portion of the material upon itseh and stitching together the edges of said plaits or folds, open spaces 5 being left to extend between each two pockets or plaits, and the outer portion and lining being suitably united; and insulated wires ex-. tending through the said pockets, with their projecting terminals adapted to be connected to an electrical source of supply.

in testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two sub scribing witnesses.




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