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Publication numberUS754329 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 8, 1904
Filing dateAug 27, 1903
Priority dateAug 27, 1903
Publication numberUS 754329 A, US 754329A, US-A-754329, US754329 A, US754329A
InventorsBailey T Milliken
Original AssigneeBailey T Milliken
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Bed or cushion.
US 754329 A
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PATENTED MAR. 8, 1904.



Patented March 8, 1904.




SPEGIFIQATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 754,329, dated March 8, 1904.

Application filed August 27, 1903.

To allwhom it' may concern:

Be it known that I, BAILEY TOWNSEND MIL- LIKEN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Epperson, in the county of McCracken and State of Kentucky, have invented an Improvement in Beds and Cushions, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to sectional beds and cushions to be made up by uniting and combining independent sections, as hereinafter described and shown.

One object is to provide a new and useful article of this character so constructed as to allow its parts to be readily united-or separated, thereby facilitating handling, repairing and cleaning, as well as providingfor extension or contraction of the article in respect to length as different conditions of use may require. 1 7

Another object of the invention is to construct a bed or cushion in a novel manner whereby a better ventilation is secured and the article regulated by the tension and filling of the sections, which may be tight or slack or varied from coarse to fine in the different sets of sections and adjusted by manipulation when the parts are separated.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure'l is a perspective. view of oneof the independent detachable sections of. which the bed, sofa,

I or cushion may be made up. Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a bed composed of such sec tions detachably connected. Fig. 3 is an edge or side view of a bed composed of two rows of superposed sections with anintervening partition- The several sections X are oblong and preferably cylindrical when distended, the ends being what is commonly, termed square.

The sections are thus in the nature of bags, adapted to contain air or any suitable filling. or stufling ofcoarse or fine material. It is intended that several sections shall lie side by side, as in Fig. 2, horizontally at right angles to the length of the space to be filled, and the .seam, if any, should range through the see- 1 tion centrally between the top and bottom surface, thus giving it a top and bottom surface free from seams or lumps. The section may be filled through an opening in the end or Serial No. 171,028. (No model.)

side, as shown at A A, and securely fastened after the section is filled. To connect one sec tion with another, detachable fastenings are put on the ends of the section, the receiving part of fastening put on one side and the engaging part put on the opposite side of the section, as shown at B and C, where B indicates a loop or eye and a corresponding hook.

Fig. 2 shows how a set of sections may be united for use, the receiving and engaging parts of fastenings united, as shown, on a line.

from D to E. Thus the books 0 of each section' are engaged with the eyes B of an adjoining section, whereby the several sections are held detachably side by side. Fig. 3 also shows one set or row of sections arranged or superposed upon another with an intervening sheet F of some flexible material which is im-' Thus the said sheet serves permeable to air. to prevent passage of air between the sections, which is not desirable in cold weather. two rows of sections .are detachably connected by means of long hooks and eyes G, arranged vertically and attached at the ends of the rows, as shown. 1

A soft filling may be used in one set or row The ofsections X and a harder and coarser one in the other row, so that the bed or cushion will I have a soft top and relatively harder and stiffer bottom. I

The described construction of the bed or cushion in independent sections which may be easily and quickly connected and disconnected, as described, has obvious advantages in respect to convenience of handling, trans' portation, cleaning, adjustment for use, and contraction or expansion in length to suit varying conditions.

What I claim is- 1. The combination, with a series of independent bag-like bed-sections having an oblong rectangular form and provided with detachable fastenings whereby they are held in close contact side by side, of a like row of similar bed-sections superposed on the firstnamed series, the end sections of one row having elongated eyes, and'the other elongated hooks, which are extended vertically and de- 'tachably engaged, as shown anddescribed.

g2; I mm-1:29

' end sections of L116 rospectiverows and ndapir ed for detachment as shown and descz'ihed.

In testimony that I daim the foregoing as" my own I have hereto aifixed my signature in 7 the presence of two witnesses.


"Witn ases:


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