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Publication numberUS75434 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1868
Publication numberUS 75434 A, US 75434A, US-A-75434, US75434 A, US75434A
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US 75434 A
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@Mish gierigidentit @fitte Leiters Patent No. 75,434, dated March 10,1868.


I @tigt riihrlc reittttn in iu tlgestttttets SrIt-eu't mh making uit ni tige time TO .ALL WHOM I'l MAY CONCERN2- Be it'known that I, W. LIDBEY, M. D.,.oi` Cleveland, c ounty of Cuyahoga, iu the Stateof Ohio, have invented a new and improved Catamenial Suck und Belt; and I do hereby declare that the following is o full and' exact description thereof, reference being hull to the accompanying drawings, und to the letters of reference "'rg',.stting, or walking.' The siek'is also constructed efe material that is not permdnently soiled, but that and up the front and back, and terminating in. straps of webbing b b, and is attached to the b elt by means o'i'y the buckles c c. This band B serves to retain the sack in plane by itselu'sticity, without inconvenience totl marked thereon.

Figure' 1 is a front view of a ferns-le, showing the suck und belt in positioiil. Figure 2 is :t back viewioi` same. Figure 3 i s a. perspective view oi' the suck and belt. t 1 This improvement relates to the construction of ufsack und belt to be worn by femalesduring the period of themenses, which is adjustable and easy to the wearer, yielding readily to the motions of the body in stoopmay be readily cleansed andre-applied.

' The construction of my said improvement is :is ioilows .i A represents a. sack, marde of oiled silk or rnbber, or other suitable impenetrable material, which is gathered;A

together at the edge and bound. In the sides oi' the sock is inserted a. piece of elnsticwelibing, which serves to give form toit. B is an elasticbuini covered with oiled silk, which passes around under the sack A, and;

wearer, i-n all positions in whiclrthe body muy be placed. D D lis a beltor waistbundbprovided with buckle dd,.for the purpose of adjustingl the sa-m'e'to the various sizes of `-the persons wehriug them, and also.' h'ii's, pieces of elastic webbing e e inserted to give it elasticity, und render itself-adjusting. cc-are buckles suspended' 1 from the belt B by the' straps luto which the straps 'b b are attached, by which ymeans. the Vsack A is mudo toconfozm to thebody. The buckles :1re ull `provided ii'ith pads z' z', which prevent the body from being chafed v by. them. In the-sack A is placed,irspozige,g, or other material for tuk-ing up the secretion, and which may-be removed for cleansingor replacement. i A sack'and belt constructed oi` the materials and in the manner above described, my be worn without any-f inconvenience-to the person, and, by its elsticity, readily adjusts itself tothe wearer, the elastic bund B ulwziys.v holding the sack closely in place. The sack, being made of oiled silk, or of un impenetrable fztbri'c like rubber,'-- may be .readily cleaned for future use.

What I desire to secure by Letters Potent, ist v The sack A, having. the elastic. pieces a a in each side' to -give it'shupe, and the elas'vic band B, in combi-ff nation with the adjustable belt 1), all constructed inthe mennerfdescribed as and for the purpose set forth.

Witnesses: i


n. W. LIBBEY, M511.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/64