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Publication numberUS754580 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1904
Filing dateDec 14, 1901
Priority dateDec 14, 1901
Publication numberUS 754580 A, US 754580A, US-A-754580, US754580 A, US754580A
InventorsDaniel Madden
Original AssigneeWilliam A Thompson
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US 754580 A
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No. 754,580. Y PATENTBD MAR. 15, Y190A. O. MAODEN O w. A. THOMPSON.


v1m IODBL.

Ivo.Y 754.580.

UNITED STATES Patented March 15, 1904.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 754,580, dated' March 15, 1904. Application filed December 14, 1901.' Serial No. 485,866. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be itknown that we, DANIEL MADDEN and WILLIAM A. THOMPSON, British subjects, reriding at Ohepstowe, in the county of Bruce and Province of Ontario, Canada, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Bag-Holders; and we hereby declare that the'following is a full, clear, and exact description of the same.

This invention relates tothat class of bagholders havinga rigid frame over which the mouth of the bag is distended while being filled, and it relates more particularly to a bag-holder which can be used with any of the usual sizes of bags or -sacks to distend the mouth for filling purposes and to securely hold thel bag in an upright position until it has been removed from the bag-holder; and the invention consists, essentially, of a hollow distending-frame supported by a series of standards of suitable height and strength and provided with a clamping-band adapted to bind the bag between itself and the distending-frame, as hereinafter more fully set forth, and more particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings, Figure l is a perspective View ofthe bag-holder, showing the bag in'v position. Fig. 2 is a `perspective view of the bagholder with thel bag removed, showing the position of the clamping-band before the bag is placed in position.

Like letters'of reference refer to like parts throughout the specication and drawings.

The distending-frame @of the bag-holder is of any suitable size and shape, its dimensions being slightly less than the area of the mouth of the smallest size of bag with which it is intended to be used. Atvthe top of the distending-frame a is an outturned flange ZJ, and connected to the middle of the bottom of the back ofthe frame a is one end of a Vsubstantially U-shaped -arm c, the opposite end of the arm c being upturned and provided with an eye d, into which is looped the back e of the clampingband f. The clampingband f is of substantially the same shape and size as the frame a which it is adapted to embrace, and to provide for its expansion and contraction its ends are united by an eXtensib'le spring a', so that when being moved into position on the frame a the spring will permit of the distending of the band to readily pass over the ange b and then quickly contract it to bind the bag between itself and the frame.

In placing the bag L on the bag-holder the clamping-band f is opened into the position shown in Fig. 2, and the top or mouth of the bag is passed through the frame a and turned down over the outer side of the same, the clamping-band f being then turned into the position shown in Fig. l to clamp the bag between itself and the frame. The clamping pressure of the band f on the bag securely binds it against the distending-frame and prevents the downward strain of the contents of the bag separating it from the bag-holder. The frame a is provided with downwardlydirected lugs e', to which are connected the standards or supports j, these standards being rigidly braced by stay-rods Z.

By reference to the drawings it will b noticed that-the standards or supports at the back of the bag-holder are slightly longer than those at the front, so that the back of the bag-holdervwill be slightly higher than the front to facilitate the illing of the bag. As shown in the drawings, the frame a and clamping-band f are of a substantially rectangular shape; but the shape of thev rim and clamping-band can be Vvaried without departing from the nature of the invention and so also can` the shape and height of the standards. Itwill be noticed by referencel to the drawings that no stays or braces are shown to be connected to the front standards or supports other than the stay-rods Zat the top of the standards, the object of this construction being to permit of the ready removal of the bag from the bag-holder when filled.

By means of this construction the bagholder can be used in any position and under all conditions for filling bags with any and all classes of goods. If it is desired to weigh the bags as they are being filled, the bagholder can be set to straddle a scale so that the bag will rest upon its platform.

Having thus fully described our invention, what we claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. In a bag-holder the combination of the supporting-standards, a distending-'frame rigidly secured to the top thereof having an outturned flange surrounding its entire upper edge, an upturned U-shaped arm connected to the distending-frame, a clamping-band connected to the U-shaped arm and adapted to embrace the distending-frame and a tensionspring connected to the ends of the clampingband to allow of the expansion and contraction thereof, substantially as speciiied.

2. In a bag-holder, the combination of a surrounding supporting-frame, stay-rods secured to said frame, a substantially rectangular distending-frame provided with outwardlybent surrounding iange upon the upper edge thereof adapted to receive the upper edge of a bag, and having the same folded downward and over the same, a supporting device composed of a single piece of wire having a short terminal secured exteriorly of the distendingframe and a long arm projecting above and in line with the lower edge of the' flange of the distending-frame and provided with an eye, an open clamping-band loosely connected intermediate of its length to said eye of the supporting device and an extensible spring connecting the terminals of the band and adapted to hold the band in close contact with the bags mouth upon the distending-frame below the iiange thereof.

Chepstowe, December 4, 1901. DANIEL MADDEN.


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