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Publication numberUS75507 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 17, 1868
Publication numberUS 75507 A, US 75507A, US-A-75507, US75507 A, US75507A
InventorsW. Ingk Adams
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ingk adams
US 75507 A
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Letters Patent No. 75,507, dated March 17, 1868.


i Elige Stimuli mmh tn in llgist tttn's @time mit melting pitt nf tige eine.


Be it known that I, W.,INGK ADAMS, ofthe city, county, and Stateof New York, have invented n new and improved Cord-Holder; andldo hereby declare that the following is 'n full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will `enzible others skilled in the-art to multe und use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of Athis specification. i

The present invention relates to nn improved holder for cards, labels, Sto., and is more especially designed for use upon truvelling-trunks, boxes, and other simile-r cases.'

This holder consists ofn' frame that at one end is open, se as to allow n card or label to be inserted therein, where, by' means of aV spring-plate arranged within such frame, and to the lla-ck of' the card, it is held and retained against accidentel loss or escape, the said plate being depressed when the eztrd is to be removed. In the accompanying plete of drawing my improved card-holder is illustrated-- Figure 1 being a. face view of the same, and Y Figure 2 a. section taken in the plane of the line :z: x, g: 1.

Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

A, in the drawings, 4represents the frame to the holder, which at each corner, B, is provided with eer-piecesA C, .by which it een be fastened to the. trunk, box, or other case desired. This frame is mede of metal, either cest or sheet, or other materiel desired, and is cut out with oI shoulder, d, around its inside, to receive and hold a. card. D, `a spring-plate inserted in frame A,l and forming o. back to the same. This' plate D, at one end upon euch side, has an ,ear-piece, E, which is inserted and moves in inclined slots or grooves, F, of each side to the frame, und thus holds the plate thereon, while etthe same time it is free to be moved to allow n card to he 'inserted orremoved, as the cese may be, from the frame, through its open end G; the said-plate, when the card is in the freine, holding andretaining it in place against accidental loss or escape.

What I elnirn as new, and desire `to secure by Letters Patent, is-

'lllhe removable spring-back plate D, when provided'lupon its eides,`nea r one end, with the lugs E, fitting` into the inclined grooves F upon the under side oi'the frame A,vthe free end of said plate pressing against the under side of the shoulder d, as herein descrihed, for the purpose specified.

. The above speciiiczition of my invention signed by me, this 13th day of June, 1867.


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Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/204