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Publication numberUS7560 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 13, 1850
Publication numberUS 7560 A, US 7560A, US-A-7560, US7560 A, US7560A
InventorsJ. F. Tqzeb
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Improvement in instruments for vaccinating
US 7560 A
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-of N ew York, have invented a new and useful of the construction and operation ofthe same,

A., Fig. f1",representisthehandle.,` 'B'G,Fig.`1,f yrepresent a stationary cylinder, w'ihich is 'fastened into the handle A, .Fig. 1.

on' the stationary cylinder B C, Fig. 1.




Specification-forming part of Letters Patent No. 7,560, dated August 13, 1850.

Rochester, in the county of Monroe and-State instrument for.- the 'use of surgeons in performing the operation of vaccination, called a' T/'accinator;7 7 and I do hereby declarev that the following is afull, clear, and exact description reference being had to theannexed drawings,

making a partl of this specification, in which- Figure 1 isa perspective-.view of 'myva-ccinator complete,- ready for-use.- Fig. 2 -is a longitudinalfsection'through Figml. Fig. 3 is a perspective views of. the inserting-poing enlarged.

D, Fig. vl, isfasliding cylinder, which moves l E, Fig. 1, is the inserting-point. F,- Fig. 1, is'a thumb-key.

G, Fig. 1, is a catch, which is fastened to the sliding cylinder D. y

H, Fig. 1, isa spring fastenedto the under side of the thumb-key F, Fig. 1, by means of which Vthe point of the thumblfkey is kept down into the catch G,.Fig. 1. Within the cylinder B C, Fig. 1, there is aspiral spring, which acts against apin, which passes down' throughthe catch G, Fig. 1. This pin,which` passes down through the catch G, works in a slot in the stationary cylinder B C. By meansof the spiral spring acting against the pin, the sliding cylinderD isdriveh forward in the direction of B, whenthe end of the thumbkey, at F, is borne down, so as vto raise the point of the thun1bkey and ofthe catchv G.

I, Fig. 2, is a section of the handle.

J J, Fig. 2,-.isY a 4section -of the stationary cylinder, (represented BC, -Fig.1.) K, Fig.-2,. represents a section of the-catch G, Fig. 1, which is connected with the sliding cylinder D, Fig. 1.

L, Fig. 2, represents a section of the thumbkey, (represented F, Fig. 1.)

FI, Fig. 2, represents a spring within the cylinder.

N, Fig. 2, represents .the pinwhich passes Adown through'the catch into the spring M@ and compresses the spring IM when the catch connected with the sliding cylinder is heldi ing-.piston when it is driven forward by means ofthe springM, Fig. 2. A' l y Having-described thev parts lof my instru v manner of `using it.'

With the 'point of alancet'ljl make an in; l, cision in the arm of the person toV be vaccinated. I then place asmall particle of the in fection-scab into e the end vof the inserting-A `point at R. I thenplace the insertingpoint R, which is cut o' obliquely, into ,the incision made, in the arm, which keeps the.incision open, 'andby pressing down the thumb-key at F, Fig. 1, the .opposite end of the key is raised Aout ofl the catch G,`-and,.by. means of the spring Within the cylinder B C, the infection-piston is driven forward, and the piece yoflscalo or infection is driven'forward into the incision. v.Whenthe infection-piston is driven forwardby means ofthe spring, it comes out f of the inserting-point E at R, as represented I, Fig. 3. VA'Afterthescab or infection is inserted into the incision, I place overit apiece -of court-plaster, or somethingof a similar na- --ture, and the operation is completed.

` *What I- clainr as my. invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

Thesliding cylinder D, in combination with the thumb-key F, spring M, and piston O, for the purposes herein described and set forth.

"JUNIUs E.. froznn.-



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Cooperative ClassificationA61M37/0015