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Publication numberUS75737 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1868
Publication numberUS 75737 A, US 75737A, US-A-75737, US75737 A, US75737A
InventorsWalter Crocker
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Walter crocker
US 75737 A
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' nitro tetro nient fitter. @I i i@ t.

Letters Patent No. 75,737, dated Mare/'t 24, 1868.


v dljt'rlgrntls'titemh tu im time tfcttns zttmt mit mating niet rt tige sinn.

'ro ALLWHOM 1T MAY" eoNonnN: y

Be it known that I, WALTER 030610511, of the city of Meadville, in the county of Crawford, Stateot' Pennsylvania, have invented `a new and improved Female Abdominal Uterine Supporter, which I verily believe has not been before known or used; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings and the letters of reference marked thereon.

transversely across it. BB are eyelct-rholes, that the same may be laced around the abdomen immcdintely above the pelvic bones. D is a pad, stu'ed and quilted, and sewed on the band A A. rlhis parl is placed over thc lumbar region, and the ends of the band brought around in front and laced. E E are two t pads,

`the same arc constructed andarranged as described, for the purposes set forth.

attached to the band A A, dropping down in front immediately above thc pubic" bones, for the purpose oi' supporting the abdominal muscles. m m are two short straps, with eyelets 'or buckles thereon. F F nrc two longer straps, with a connection of elastic cloth or rubber Lind, G4 G,attaehcdf to thein, and on the ends thereof are two hooks, H H, to hookinto the eyelets m m when eyelets are used. When the band A A is laced around the lower part of the abdomen the straps F F are passed between the thighs of the wearer cach side of the pro Zaz'rt,'and hooked or buckled to the straps m m. By this arrangement theabdoniinal muscles nrc supported by the pads E E, thereby sustaining the uterus in its natural or normal position.`

W'hat I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is as'follows, to wit:

Ichi-im theband A A and pad D, in combination with the pads E Eand the straps F F und m w1, when WALTER cnoennn. Witnesses:


A A is abroad band, of double cloth or other suitable n'laterial, with whelebones() -C C C C C C C, scwcd l

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Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/24