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Publication numberUS759560 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1904
Filing dateSep 5, 1903
Priority dateSep 5, 1903
Publication numberUS 759560 A, US 759560A, US-A-759560, US759560 A, US759560A
InventorsGeorge P Sharp
Original AssigneeSharp & Smith
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Clamp for bedstead attachments.
US 759560 A
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Ira/6M0 Q5057 275M779,

UNITED STATES Patented May 10, 1904.



CLAMP FOR BEDSTEAD ATTACHMENTS- SPECIFIGATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 759,560, dated May 10, 1904.

Application filed September 5,1903. Serial No. 172,064. (No model.)

To all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, Gnonen P. SHARP, acitizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois,have invented a new and useful Improvement in Clamps for Bedstead Attachments, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an improvement in' the class of clamps used on the rails of metal bedsteads for attaching thereto tables and other articles for use by the occupants of the beds and by surgeons and others in attending upon the occupants.

The end rails and the side rails of metal bedsteads are commonly formed of anglebars of L shape in cross-section and are disposed with the hollow sides facing upward for the end rails and with the hollow sides of the side rails facing downward, and it is sometimes desired to apply abed-table or other attachment to an end rail and sometimes to a side rail. Hitherto it has been the more common practice to provide a separate clamp for the sustaining-rod of the attachment for connecting it with a side rail from that connecting it with an end rail, since owing to the different individual dispositions of the respec tive rails the same clamp is not applicable to each.

The object of my invention is to provide as a single article a clamp the peculiar construction of which shall adapt it to be applied for its purpose either to an end rail or to a side rail of the bedstead by adjusting the clamp for either purpose reversely to its adjustment for the other.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents my improved clamp (by a perspective view) applied to a vertically-disposed rod and attached to a bedstead side rail, of which a section is shown; and Fig. 2 shows by a similar view the application of my improved article to a bedstead end rail.

A is the metal clamp, comprising the arms a and b at a right angle to each other, the arm at having its end bent to a right angle to form a jaw a, provided with -a recess a7 in its extremity, and the arm b having its end pro vided with a return-bend to form the aw b,

with an opening 0 in the arm 7) and set-screws 5 to a bed-rail C or I) by introducing the rod through the opening 0 in the clamp A and through the recess a in its jaw a and fastening the clamp in place.

To connect with a bedstead side rail C an attachment provided with a rod B depending from it, the clamp-arm b is applied transversely over the upper wing of the rail to cause the jaw b to engage the edge thereof when the clamp is tightened in place by properly turning the thumb-screw c, and the arm 5 a is thus brought to extend downward across the vertical wing of the rail when the rod B is introduced through the opening 0 and recess at, and the thumb-screw (Z is properly turned to tighten against the face of that wing 7 the rod B in any position to which it may be adjusted vertically. The cooperation of the screw and the arm 6 thus effects thesecuring of the clamp in place, while that of the screw with the arm (0 effects the fastening in adjusted position of the table or other attachment. To connect the attachment with a bedstead end rail D, from which a wire mattress E is shown to extend, the clamp-arm Z) is ap plied transversely under the lower wing of the rail to cause the jaw to engage its edge when the clamp is fastened in place by the screw 0, thereby bringing the arm a across the vertical rail-wing, with the recess a and opening 0 in vertical alinement to admit through them the 5 rod B to be fastened by the screw (Z.

The angular shape of the clamp should be such as to conform to the bedstead rail, whether the latter be in the form of a right angle or other angle, so that my invention is 9 not intended to be limited to the exact shape of the clamp shown and described.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-- As a new article of manufacture, a reversiing an opening 0 alining with the recess a to bly-achustable clamp for bedstead attachments recelve a rod B, and set-screws working in of the character described, comprlsing, in the respective arms,substant1a1ly as described.

combination, an arm at having a jaw a on one GEORGE P. SHARP. 5 end provided with a recess (0 an arm 6 extend- In presence ofmg at an angle from the other end of the arm a, SAML. G. PRINCE, 1

provided with a jaw Z) on its end and contain- WALTER N. WINBERG.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47C19/022