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Publication numberUS760619 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1904
Filing dateJan 21, 1904
Priority dateJan 21, 1904
Publication numberUS 760619 A, US 760619A, US-A-760619, US760619 A, US760619A
InventorsGeorge A Fredenburgh
Original AssigneeGeorge A Fredenburgh
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US 760619 A
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'finissant fg! Buiten, acitizen otlieUni'ted'States, residing atzthecit'y of Eaiwtu'cketdn the county of Providence and State'of lRhode island, haveinvented ertain nets7 and useful Improvements in l2-WistingfHeads -for .Thread-DressingMachines, 'oi' j which the following is a, specification.

Thisinvention relates to a twistinglh'ead,

.adapted for a 'thread-dressing' machine,` and.

hasfor its object to provide a device of simple onstruction and arrangement of parts,so that .ag large numberA of twisting-headsinay be mounted on the framey o the machine and` :each .operating independent of. the other.

*5A further object of thev invention is to prov yvid'emeans it'orfftheready yinsertion of a thread 1totheftwistingeheadin case' of Abreakage o'fthe thread during the Operation'ot' the device.l

.My present invention relates to an improve-` ;-ment 'onfthe' threadf dressing machine de scribed and claimed .in L'etters.' Patent No 702,786,issuedtonieaune17,1902.

of a thread-dressing. machine. Fig. Q isa'c'en- -tral longitudinal sectional view 0 f the twisting-head, taken' on line X of Fig.' i, and

ln-the accompanying sheet ofdravvings, liligure'll represents va .top .planview of the twisting-.head as in position fiipon the-rame also showing a. yarn-guide fordrecting the thread from said twisting-head. `-'Fig. 3 is a top plan View of a `series of 4.said twistingfheads' as mounted on' the', machine-frame and driven by themain shaft thereon. Fig. e illustrates aneedle as threaded and ready to be inserted in the twisting-head in case of breakage'o'f the thread during the operation of the same. Fig. 5 shows the mannerof inserting a thread in the twisting-head by said needle. I

Lilie lettersofv reference indicate likep'arts in the different views ci the drawings.

yA- represents a bracket which has one end opening iixedlyecured to the machineframe B by bolts a' a and its opposite or front end provided with a verticallyarranged circular C represents the twisting-head proper in the form of a whirl 0,' having .anjn'tegral conv centric lannn'lar hnb c' projecting from ene' Smits-T formigs'nart ,of Letteis Patentes sa, iena .'FREDENBURGHQen eiiivnein ",niionn isnnnn.

tiet-fiesta. 'Y

rat-nt no. vedete,- natea nity-agisca i ses.; imitant@ en' manif bracket by aserew' CZ. which enters a-threadf' y bracket and said, sereivh'as its.; inner portion d exposing a smooth circular;snrface'tenter an annular. recess-02,y formed in the. lper;plieral seen in Fig.' 2. 1 The hracke ytation during 4the A time of applying athread tohe twisted.`, `in the manershownlnlig 45..

ing` from a point at the'axial centen of` the bot tom of thehuh., as at `c2 to a vpoint odset Yfrom the center at the 'tonni` the. Whiri, :is-atlas.`

e' isa hand orcord connection from agroove -to' a. grooved'whirlf, iixedly secured onthe nia-in oiidriving-'shaftfg o i ltliefniaeliine. (See ward -in putting a tension upnthe driving-- hand fa-after Which'the bolts a (t are screwed 'machinefrarnef' y f 'i 1s a bar situated overnth'e' twstingfhead extending longitudinally therewith, and said j. This har e' has-a thread-eye 'el' at its front end to direct the thread to the/brushcylinder' and irone'rs (not shown) next above on the machine.

gtrally with the axis of the twistingfhead C.

The thread (designated byy reierence-letter through; the' outwardly-directed opening. or

thread-passage ci oi-.thetw sting-head C,

"nd'opening termed in the front portion 05th,@ Y'

. This twi'sting-hea d is provided with anyope'n-` ing' c, Which'iornis a passage forthefthread 1 which is. to he twisted.` said opening"- extendup tight to hold .the bracket 1in place upon the The'har t' is' so adjusted on the machine? frame that its threadeye i" is brought ceni t) comes up from the sizing-box (not shown)v sitnated'at the hase et the machine, passes from in; Sist 'i is 'formed 'jitngiaiiiniifii th i bracket A., so that the saine 'may be drawn for-v har is mex/ably mounted in the machine-frame B and held in position thereon by asetscrew IOO ' `.-side tisaid v vhv l adapted to ntlooseiy in the 'opening of the bracket. -r ihisftwistf 'ing-head C is retained .inf position nponjfthe'.


whence it passes to 'the eye t" to he directed to the brush cylinders end ironere. The thrend in itsupward movement hears at the pointe @Bof the twisting-heed and t" of the. bar ci, and the twi'stingdiend being driven at e hi gli rete of speed bythe driving-elicit causes the thread to roll between the seid two points c5 and '2f' oi Contact, :ind thun the proper twist is pnt upon the thread.

To afford quick ineens ci' appli-'ing' e thread to this device in ceceni' breakage oi the thread during its feeding movement on the machine, i provide a. needle 7:, having e knol) if et one end.J which acts es n handle. for the operntor, and ite opposite end fork-shaped, es at h2, to receive the parted end portion of the th reed. lfhe thumb-screw (Z2 ie then turned by the operntor to melie frictional Contact upon and prevent rotation of the twisting-heath after which the operator pneees the needle through the opening or passage 030i' the twisting-heed end draws thev 'free end of the thread. theren from, to be united or tied to the other free end of the thread from the winding-spool above. After the ende oi the thread nre tied together the thumb-screw d is unscrewed n triie to allow rotation ot' the twisting-heed by its cenet-nntly-rnovine,q hand. or cord.

By this construction end arrangement of parte i form n. device that is Sim-ple and compact,l so that n large number of such devices nifty he mounted on n tiirced-drefising mnchine and each device operating independent of the other.

"What i clnim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. In, n twistingu heed mechanism for n threed-dreeeing machine., the combination ci" n b'rnclre't slidnhly secured on the machinefreme end provided with n vertically-errangcd circular opening; ay groeved whirl mounted on brochet, and, having en integral con* centric ennuinr huh to loosely lit in the openu l lunches', and seid smzond-nnmml whirl ein, it; l nl) provided with un opening extending; 'troni n point :it the axial center of the bottoni n the hub to :i point offset 'from the cent in the top of the whirl; menne to retain "cm'id-n:nned whirl in position cn Seid liiriicln-tt n thumb-screw mounted in seid brochet :nhn'r'ted to mnlie i'iictionfil con-- tact to prevent rotation oi seid Second-mined whirl; :i lfnnd or cord connection from u driving-shell; of he machine to Seid whirl;l and :L har moreI mounted on the nnuzhine-frnnic and provi ad with :in eye arranged to di rcr, the thread mun the opening in sind second named nfl-Liri., :i:niistnntinlly :is shown und described.

In n lerieting;-heed mechanism for :i thread-dn machine, the combination o1 n lirnchet i d on the machine-trium; n groovcd wim rotetnhly mounted on Seid bracket Pnt-n rovided with an nnnuhir recel-:n and also 'pro ed with :in opening formineF :i tl which inclines outwardly from if .void whirl; means to pues the openingV of sind whirl; nod in Suid hriiclrct arranged lo recess of Snidwhirl in holding` the letter "in-c upon seid bracket; :i tlnnnh- Screw nio in .mid lnncket to impinire against :nid 1li-event rotntiion ot' said whirl; :i blind or cord coni'icction vfrom the driving shaft o the r' "xine to seid whirl; und :i lmr ndjnstchlv :wl on the mechinc-ironie und hevingr n the i thread in centeroi intent the presi n thread t n, Screw in engage ni l 1 controlliv with the zixinl .,snhetnntiully:inde: :rihwl` 'coi l nilixmy Signa-ture in witnceecs.

iid@ :ninnircd to direct the fioV

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