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Publication numberUS760880 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 24, 1904
Filing dateJan 15, 1904
Priority dateJan 15, 1904
Publication numberUS 760880 A, US 760880A, US-A-760880, US760880 A, US760880A
InventorsNorman B Lawson
Original AssigneeNorman B Lawson
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Waterproof suit.
US 760880 A
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, No. 760,880.- PATENTED MAY 24, 1904.




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UNITED STATES Patented May 24, 1904'.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 760,880, dated May 24, 1904.

' Application filed January 15, 1904. Serial No. 189,215. oft model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, NORMAN B. LAWSON, a citizen of the United States, residing at Muskegon, in the county of Muskegon and State of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Waterproof Suits, of which the following is a specification.

The object of this invention is to construct a suit which will entirely inclose the body of the wearer and made of waterproof material and provided with an air-inlet and a pump for removing water from within the suit should any leak in and in means for pumping air to the occupant.

The accompanying drawing shows a perspective view of my improvements.

The suit has the body portion 1 open in the back in order that the wearer may get into it.

The opening is closed by overlapping flaps The arm-receptacles 3 are integral with they body portion, also the leg-receptacles 4.

A dome 5 on the back ofthe suit is of heavier material than the remainder of the suit and has an opening 6. A cup-shaped cap 7 is placed over the opening, so that should water wash over the cap a seal would be eflected, thereby excluding all water from the interior of the suit, but allowing air to gain access through the opening 6.

In the lengthwise direction of the suit and on its front side and innerface extends a tube 8, having two branches 9 and 10 extending to about the knees of the suit. A three-way cock 11 is located at the junction of the branches with the main portion. The handle 12 of the three-way cock projects through the suit at a point within reach of the wearer.

A plunger-pump 13 is located within the suit and supported thereby, having its handle 14 projecting through the suit within reach of the wearer. The pump has a connection with the main tube 8 and has an opening 15 communicating with the outside of the suit.

Should the suit spring a leak, the water will settle to the lowestpoint, being about the knees, and by means of the pump and threeway cook the water can be pumped from around either leg, thereby preventing the suit filling with water.

By the employment of my improved suit a person may stay in the water a great length of time without dying from exposure and may be able to take a line ashore and rescue others on board a vessel.

To the head portion of the suit is connected a hinged face portion 16, connected bya cam' lever 17. A bag 18 is connected with the suit and located under the arm, so that a movement of the armwill compress it, and when the pressure isremoved it will expand. A pipe 19, having a valve 20, communicates with the bag and extends into the dome 5, and a pipe 21, provided with a valve 22, communicates with the bag and having its free end com= municating with the face portion 16 of the head.

A tube 23 communicates with the dome 5, and with a section 24, adapted to be placed in the mouth of the occupant of the suit. A valve 25 is located in this tube near the section 24. A tube 26 extends through the head portion of the suit, and its other end communicates with the section 24, having a valve 25 near the section 24. With the section 24 in the mouth of the occupant of the suit air may be drawn through the tube 23 from the dome 5 and discharged through the tube 26, and when the 2. A waterproof suit having arm and leg receptacles integral therewith, tubes leading to the leg portions of the suit, and a pump havvalve, and a tube connecting the mouth-secing a connection With the tubes, and an eduction and provided with a check-valve acting as tion-port to the pump. a discharge.

3. A Waterproof suit havingahead portion 5 and a face-covering, a section of tube adapted to be placed in the mouth of the occupant of WVitnesscs: the suit, a tube connecting the mouth-section MAE A. RooKENBAon, With the outer air and provided with a check- GEORGE D. VANDERWERP.


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Cooperative ClassificationB63C9/093