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Publication numberUS76141 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 31, 1868
Publication numberUS 76141 A, US 76141A, US-A-76141, US76141 A, US76141A
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Improved cotton-bale tib
US 76141 A
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Letters Patent No. 76,141, dated ll/[m'ch 3l, 1868.


@its tlgmlt mani: in iii lips hints itinit mit mating ,aan nf ligt time TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:

Be it known that I, JAMES W. BARNUM, of the city of New Orleans, parish of Orleans, and State of Louisiana, have inventeda certain new, useful, and improved device for fastening together the ends 'ofwire rope or wire, when the same is used for handing cotton or other bales; and I do hereby declare the following to' be a full, clear, and exact description of the saine, reference being had to the annexed drawing, making a part of this specification.

My invention consists of a. piece of plate-iron, the ends of which are rolled up, so as to produce a cylindrical support at each of said ends, for the two ends of the band, of suiieient diameter to prevent Vany short flexure of the same, which, it is well known, always so impairs the strength of both wire rope and wire that they give way under the severe strain to which they are subjected when used as bands for cotton-bales; but my invention will be better understood by referring to the drawing.

A is the plate or piece of plate-iron of which the device is formed. For actual use, it should be about the size as shown on the drawing. B B are the two cylindrical supports for the loops, at the ends of the band, which loops are formed by passing the ends of the band around said supports, and then twisting theni around that part of the vband that sustains the tension after the usual method of fastening the ends of wire rope and wire bands to the intermediate device that connects them. 'Between the cylindrical supports B B an opening, C, is formed, by cutting the plate, and folding halt` of that portion oi' it that is embraced or contained within the incisions *against each of the cylinders B B, in such manner as to overlap the transverse senin or joint in the same, as is clearly shown at D D on the drawing. The opening C allows each end of the band to be passed around a cylinder, whilst the folding ofthe lips or tongues D D over the joints therein gives additional strength and solidityT to the cylinders. v

In the practice of rny invention, thc device is secured to one end of the band by looping the latter around one of the cylindrical supports, and then the band is put around the-bale, and, the slack being taken up as nearly as possible, the other end is secured to thc other cylindrical'support in the same way as was the rst end to the first support. Both ends of the band are secured by twisting, without a knot of any kind.

My device is simple, and cheap, and easily applied to use, and, being of plate-iron, can be readily cut with a strong pair of shears when the bale is to be broken up, and the bands may be thus saved for repeated use.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure -hy Letters Patent, is-F The device herein described, to wit, the plate A, when provided at its ends with cylindrical supports I3 B', the opening, C, between said supports, and tongues .D D', for the strengthening of the supports B B', as and for the purpose set forth.



A. BARBARIN, Rurus R. Rnonns.

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