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Publication numberUS763076 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1904
Filing dateApr 24, 1902
Priority dateApr 24, 1902
Publication numberUS 763076 A, US 763076A, US-A-763076, US763076 A, US763076A
InventorsFrank Spalding
Original AssigneeBrown & Sharpe Mfg
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US 763076 A
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No. 763,976;V




IN :ZEN:- DE..

me aims warms co. Pnorudjlnn.. wnvmmon n c.

' UNITED STATES Patented June 21, 1904. I.




SPECIFICATION forming .part of Letters Patent No. 763,076, dated June 21,' 1904-..

Application filed April 24, 1902.

have designed a depth-gage in which the measuring rod or bar is supported by a springpressed sleeve and is'made to bear against the surface of the hole or groove, so as to insure a firm bearing and secure a more accurate measurement. In the preferred form the graduated measuring-bar is rotatably supported in the sleeve and may be adjusted to secure the more ready resiing of the measurement.

Figure 1 is a side View of my improved depth-gage. Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional View on an enlarged scale. Fig. 3 is a plan view anda side View of the disk by which the measuring-bar is secured when the measure has been taken. Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the washer through which the measuringbar slides. Fig. 5 is a plan view and a side view of the sliding sleeve. Fig. 6 is a plan and side view of a split ring. Fig. 7 is a side and plan view of the socket-piece controlling the end of the measuring-rod.

In the drawings, a indicates the base-plate.

From the lower straight edge e the depths of holes or-grooves are measured. From the back of the base-plate and at right angles to the straight edge e extends the tubular post b, the upper screw-threaded end b' of .which is provided with the internally-screw-threaded cap b2, by which the conical clamping-block b may be drawn into the conical end of the post to firmly clamp the measuring-rod c.

The neck Zi* is contracted to form an annular' shoulder against which the washer bl is held by the spiral spring b, the opposite end of which bears on the shoulder 57 of the sleeve Serial No. 104,487. (No model.)

bs, through which the measuring-rode extends and with which the same vis in closefrictional contact. The lower end of the sleeve 68 is shown cupped and rests on the split. ring b9,

by which the plug 610, resting on the annular` shoulder e2, is held in place.

In the preferred form, as shown in the drawings, I use a flat graduated measuring-rod c. This rod slides with an easy sliding lit in the conical block 3, the washerb, and the plug b1, but is in frictional contact with the sleeve bs, which forms a rotatable spring-pressed support. used, the measuring-rod is preferably drawn outsomewhat farther than the depth of the groove or hole to be measured would require, so that the end of the measuring-rod c, upon coming in contact with the bottom of the hole, will have a tendency tollift the sleeve bs upward against the pressure of the spiral spring b. The frictional resistance of themeasuringrod c on the sleeve 72S acts to hold' the end of the measuring-rod firmly in vcontact with the When now the depth-gage is to be end of the hole or the surface of the groove -to be measured. The measuring-rod may vnow be securely clamped by the conical block 3, preferably while the action of the coiled spring on the sleeve bs is still exerted and the end of the measuring-rod is pressed against the depressed surface.

The measuring-rod c may be rotatedv and placed with its flat side at any desired angle to facilitate the reading of the measurement or to insure the firm contact with the surface to be measured. `4

In practice I find that by the use of the spring-pressed sleeve the taking of accurate base and a tubular post, of the measuringrod, the rotatable spring-actuated support bs, for the measuring-rod, andineans for clamping the measuring-rod, as described.

. 4. In adcpth-gagc, the combination with the base and a tubular post, of the iiat measuringrod, the rotatable clamp b3, the cap b2, the rotatable support the spiral spring bearing on the support, and the rotatable plug 510, substantially as described.

5. In adepth-gage, the combination with the base and the tubular post, of a sleeve forming a rotatable support for the measuring-rod, a measuringrod extending longitudinally through the sleeve and in frictional contact therewith, a coiled spring acting on the sleeve,

and means for clamping the measuring-rod in the adjusted position, as described.

6. A depth-gage having a Hat measuringrod rotatably supported on a longitudinallyyielding spring-actuated support adapted to rotate with the measuring-rod, and means for securing the measuring-rod in the adjusted position, as described. l

In testimony vvhereotl I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.


fitnessesz J. A. MILLER, Jr., B. S.l WEBSTER.

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Cooperative ClassificationG01B3/28