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Publication numberUS76344 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1868
Publication numberUS 76344 A, US 76344A, US-A-76344, US76344 A, US76344A
InventorsCollins Potter
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And eleazer jones
US 76344 A
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Letters .Patent N0.76,344, dated April 7, 1868.Y


'dige Srlghnl nimh tu im ilgese' teiters iziimt mit mating mi nf its' time.


Be it known that we, CQL'LINS POTTER, of Pawlet, in the county ofrRutland, State of Vermont, and ELEZER JONS, of Middle Gra'nville, Washington county,-New York, have invented, made, and applied to use-certain new and useful Improvements in tbe'Construction of Collins; and that the following is a full', clear, an'd correct description Vof the same, referencebeing had to the accompanying drawings, making a part of this specification,and to the letters of reference marked thereon,in which-.J-

Figure 1 is a'view showingl the manner of Yconnecting together the end and'side sections.l

Figure 2 is 'a view showing the construction and operation of thev screw employed fasten-ing the metallicbraces to `the sides and ends of the coiiin.

Figure 3 is a view ot" the' colinl'the cover of the same being removed.l Figure 4 is aside elevation (sectional) nf. the improved colin. Figure 5 is a top view of the same. Figure G, view of side brace of metal sometimes" employed by us Figure 7, view of end brace of metal sometimes employ-ed by us.

, In the drawings, like parts of the invention are indicated by similar letters ofreference.

v The nature of the present invention consists in the improvements in the manufacture of collins, more vfully hereinafter set forth, by which a Collin can be constructed of a series of sections 'or parts, `united and'secured togethei` by means of metallic braces, as fully described. l

The object of the present invention is not only to greatly cheapen and facilitate the manufacture of codns, but to Aallow thegsame to be readily Vtakenapart and packed ina small compass, for purposes of transportation from' th-e point of manufacture to-the place of sale. l

` vTo en able those skilled in the arts to make and use the invention, the following description will be found sufficienti I l l l i u The bottom or base 'of the Collin is made in one entire piece, and may be formed 'from slate, stone, marble, or anysuitable material. This bottom serves` to supportthe side, A, and end, B, pieces, forming, wheneom.- hined, the coin. These sideV and end-piecesare madeof the same materialesthe bottom or base, and may be made 4of any desired, size. `The-side-pieces or sections are grooved longitudinally, and the end-pieces are grooved transversely, near their lower edge, so that, when-placed in position, the bottom o r base will enter these vgrooves,andallow a'perfectly tight joint tobeformed. C is a series of metal braces, employed to secure the side and end-pieces and the'bottom or base together. These braces are so'constructed that u. portion of each brace shallproject suiciently forward beyond` thegfa-ce of the same, as'to fill compactly and snugly the space v between thel sections. The'brace is also provided with a foot, to admit of its being attached to the base or bottom of the coffin, and with the ears, through which pass the screws, `securing thebraces to the 'side and en'd.- pieces orsections. shows the holt's and'screws employed to hold and secure the sections to the braces. The bolts` are, when desired, provided with an ornamented head, and, are made with a lugiittinginto a slot inV the opening in the side and endsectins, through which the boltentersthe object being that the bolt maybe held l securely in position, while the screw which passes into'the same is inserted 'from the inside ofthe collin.

i The braces used to connect the'end and side sections arev so constructed that the portion bf the metal whichv projects beyond the ,facel of the same shall form a smooth corner for thecoiln. Thusitwill be observed that, when the sections -of which the coiin is composed are secured together by the braces. thespace's between them Aare snugly filled by the same, and that the parts are firmly secured `to, each other and to' the bottom or base.

After the' different pieces have been thus placed inposition, the cover','E, made also in sections, may be placedin position and secured in any convenient way. A portion of the upper section ,of this cover may be excavated.,A

and a plate of glass inserted therein, over which, when desired, an outer lid may be placed, and securedby screws passing Ithrough the sam'e and the glass previously perforated to receive them. Thus the lremains, of the deceased may be viewed without4 the necessity of removing the lid proper, a removal of the outeriid alone being required.

In gs and 7, of the drawings, a second form of metallic braces, to connect the sectionstogether with ythe side and end sections, is showin` which n'iodeis sometimes preferable. In this case ythe braces nreimadc not of one but of two pieces ofmetstl; One of these pieces partially fills the space between tho sections nfwhiclr the coffin is made up, and'proje'cts ai. short distance'beyo'nd the face ofthe snme,.wl1ile the-other fills.tbe remainingportion o f this space, and is secured upon the inside of the cnin. The outer section is provided lwith `the pins w, hai/ing screw-threads'cut upon them, which pins 'pass through the interior section of` the brace, and are provided witlijnuts., by' tightening which the bracehmade in sections as described, is held together and firmly united.' In making the'onter or exterior half of this brace, themetalis turned over at its upper end, so as to form alip or enr, which, when the outer .and inner braccsl'are'secured together, couer-s the upper portion of the inner section. As previously stated, cotiins een be made more rapidly, und at a reduced cost, by manufacturing in the manner described, while the cost of transporting the same is greatly reduced, owing to the smaller space the same will occupy. when taken apart `and peaked.

Having thusdescribed the present invention, what is claimed as new, is-- l As a new and improved article ofmanufacture, a coin, v(xonstrncted substantiallyae herein describe-d. Y COLLINS POTTER,

c ELEAZER JONES. Witnesses:


as toPoTT-ER.

}as to JONES,

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