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Publication numberUS764470 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 5, 1904
Filing dateMar 24, 1904
Priority dateMar 24, 1904
Publication numberUS 764470 A, US 764470A, US-A-764470, US764470 A, US764470A
InventorsJames U Jones, George Jones
Original AssigneeJames U Jones, George Jones
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Massage apparatus.
US 764470 A
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PATENTED JULY 5, 1904. J. U. & G. JONES.




, :INV NTORS my arms A TTORNE Y8 UNITED STATES Patented July 5, 1904.




SPECIFIGATIONYT'Orming part of Letters Patent No. 764,470, dated. July 5, 1904:.

Application filed March 24, 1904:. Serial No. 199,713. (No model.)

To all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that we, JAMES U. JONES and GEORGE JONES, citizens of the United States, and residents of Chattanooga, in the county of Hamilton and State of Tennessee, have made certain new and useful Improvements in Massage Apparatus, of which the following is a specification.

This invention is an improvement in mas- Sage apparatus, being in the nature of a new and improved multiple vibrator and massagemachine; and the invention consists in certain novel constructions and combinations of parts, as will be hereinafter described and claimed.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a longitudinal Section of an apparatus embodying our invention. Fig. 2 is a detail side elevation of the different sections of the casing detached. Fig. 3 is an end-view of the guide-section of the casing. Fig. 4: is a side elevation of theslidesection and the Shaftand its cam for operating the slide s'ection, and Fig. 5 illustrates in detail the massage-member holder.

By our invention we provide a multiple vibrator and massage apparatus for use by barbers, physicians, nurses, and others who desire to secure a vibra-stimulation or massage treatment, also for special use on the face, scalp, and other portions. of the body.

In the construction shown we employ a casing comprising a guide-section A, a bearingsection B, and a connecting-section O. The connecting-section O is in cylindrical form and is provided in its ends with threads at C for engagement by the threaded portions of the sections A and B. The section A has a tubular portion A, in which the slide-rod reciprocates and is provided with the circular head or flange A threaded at A and shouldered at A to properly engage with one end of the connecting-section O, as Shown in Fig. 1. The section A is also provided with the projecting parallel lugs A extending from the head A on opposite sides of the guide-opening a and operating to prevent any turning of the slidesection by the fitting of such lugs A on opposite sides of the yoke of the Slide-section, as shown in Fig. 1 and as will be presently described.

The bearing-section B has a tubular portion B, an opening 6, in which the shaft-section turns, and has a head or flange B threaded at B and shouldered at B to properly engage in one end of the connecting-section O, as shown in Fig. 1. WVhen the sections A, B, and O are connected as shown in Fig. 1, they form a casing for the slide-rod D and the shaft E and the parts immediately connected therewith. The slide-rod D fits and reciprocates within the tubular portion A of the section A, is provided at its outer end with the threaded tenon D to receive the massage-member holder F, and has at its other end the yoke D which operates between the lugs A of the section A and embraces the cam-head E of the Section E and is provided with inwardly projecting rollers (Z, which operate in the camgroove 0 of the cam-head E on the shaft E, as shown in Fig. 1, and as will be understood from Fig. 4 of the accompanying drawings. This groove 6 is a right and left helical groove, which may be made with two or more divisions, and said grooves are formed to receive the rollers (Z on the yoke D, the yoke and the cam-head E operating Within the cylinder C and between the guide-section A and the bearing-section B, the shaft E turning in the bearing-section and being adapted at its outer end at E to be coupled up with any suitable flexible driving-shaft, so the Shaft E can be rapidly revolved in the use of the apparatus. The massage-member holder F has it hub F provided with an axial socket F to lit the tenon D and with a lateral socket F at a right angle to the socket F said Socket F being also adapted to the tenon D, thus providing for so connecting the holder with the slide-rod as to give two positions of the mas- Sage member, which will be found convenient in use.

In use'the operator may grasp the body or casing with the hand and hold it in a horizontal or other position in order to furnish a practically rigid support for the apparatus, so as to give a patient as much vibration as is possible with a hand massage-machine.

The machine may be lubricated by filling all the unoccupied space within the casing with Vaseline or other suitable lubricant, the reciprocating motion of the slide-rod and its yoke forcing the lubricant in all directions, so that the machine will not require to be oiled except at rare intervals.

In practice it is found that the machine runs smoothly and quietly and without any apparent jar to the operators arm and is pleasant and beneficial in its effects upon the patient.

Having thus described our invention, what.

we claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. An apparatus substantially as described comprising a casing having a cylindrical connecting-section, a guide-section threaded in one end of the connecting-section, and having a central opening or bore and at its inner end lugs projecting on opposite sides of its bore, the bearing-section threaded in the opposite end of the connecting-section and having a longitudinal bore forming a bearing for the shaft, the shaft journaled in said bore and provided at its inner end with a head having a double helical groove within the connectingsection, and the slide-rod reciprocating in the guide-section and provided at its inner end with a yoke operating in the connecting-section and between the lugs of the guide-section and provided with rollers operating in the cam-groove of the shaft substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

2. An apparatus substantially as described comprising a casing consisting of a connecting-section, a guide-section and a bearing-section connected therewith, the guide-section having projecting lugs at its inner end, the slide-rod operating in the guide-section and having at its inner end a yoke operating between the lugs of said guide-section, such yoke being provided with inwardly-projecting rollers, and the shaft journaled in the bearingseetion and having a head provided with a cam-groove entered by the rollers of the yoke substantially as set forth.

3. A massage instrument comprising a reciprocating guide-rod, a shaft, a cam-groove being provided at the inner end of one of said parts, a yoke at the inner end of the other of said parts and having rollers entering the camgroove, and a casing having a bearing for the shaft and a guide within which the slide-rod may reciprocate substantially as set forth.

4. A multiple vibrator and massage-machine composed of the casing comprising the connecting-section and the guide and bearing sections screwed thereto, the slide-rod having a yoke, the shaft having a right and left helical cam-groove engaged by the yoke, the sliderod being provided with means for the connection of the massage member substantially as set forth.

5. The combination in a multiple vibrator of a shaft having right and left helical groove and a rod in alinement with the shaft and having a yoke provided with means operating in said groove, substantially as set forth.

6. In a multiple vibrator and massagingmachine a cam provided with a right and left helical groove with two or more divisions around its axis whereby to give the yoke and massage member two or more strokes to each revolution of said cam.

7 In a multiple vibrator and massagingmachine a casing having a section provided With a guide-opening for a slide-rod and With lugs projecting on opposite sides thereof combined with a slide-rod having a yoke operating between said lugs, and a revolving device for reciprocating the said yoke.



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