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Publication numberUS76572 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1868
Publication numberUS 76572 A, US 76572A, US-A-76572, US76572 A, US76572A
InventorsDavid Wight
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David wight
US 76572 A
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Letten Manilva. 476,572, daad April v, 186s.


iiprlgehult nimh it im there rttrtt @that mit uniting and nf tigt time.


Be it known that-I, DAVID WIGHT, of New LondomNew London county, Connecticut, have invented a new and improved Top-Box or Board; and I do hereby declare that the following is afullfclear, and exact descriptionthereof, which will enable others skilled in the art vto'make and' use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification. l i

The present invention relates to anew and improved'box or board, to be used for the playing of a game,

which I denominate a topgarne,7 which gaine consists in and is played by spinning a top that is made of an octagonal or other polygonal shape,in cross-sections, and numbered on each of such sides from 1` to 8 inclusive, according to the number of its sides,fand counting and adding by means of Vsuitable counters, thenumber that, each time the top is spun, is represented orrnarlr'ed-upon that face or side of the top which is uppermost when the top comes to arestlor stop. I

And for the purpose of more conveniently and readily playing the aforesaid game, as well as to render the game the more interesting to ther-persons engaged, I have constructed a box, which is embraced bythis inven tion, and which will be now describedQreference being had to the accompanyingdrawings, in which- Figure 1 is a plan or top view ofthe box or board, when opened, and

Figure 2 a side view of the top used. I.

Similar letters lof reference indicatecorresponding parts.

A, in the drawings, represents a box or board for the playing of the top-game to which this invention refers.

This box-'or board in the present instance is made in two parts or sections of equal size and similar shape, and of any desired material which may be suitable, such as, for instance, wood, metal, India rubber, comi position, &c.

Each section of thi-sboxA, by a transverse partition, B, fixedin position, is'divided into two compartments or spaces, C.

In the two"compartments,'to one section of the box or board A,vis arranged and fastened a series of parallel wires, D, that extends from end to .end of such section, being fastened to the cross-partition B. l

On these wires is hung a series of disks, E, suitable for counting, ten disks being arranged upon-each of Ithe several rods, with five rods to each compartment C, making a total of fty disks or counters to the same,

that, for convenience of enumerating, have every fifth counter colored inan opposite color,'as, for instance,

white, tothe others, which are black.V

In fig. 2, a top, G, is shown. l This top made of an octagonal or otherpolygonal shape, invcross-section, and upon its several sides is to be numbered from l tcl8 inclusive, ii"l octagonal, as'shown in the said g'. 2, or from 1' to any other numberl v inclusive, which represents the number of sides to the top.

In the use of the board or box A', the persons, which, as the boxK is constructed, is adapted more particularly for two, are to spin a top, suchas shown in fig. 2, in either one or the other of thetwocompartments, the one after the other in'regular turn, and'according to the number which is upon the -side ofthe top that yis uppermost, are to count upon the counters ofthe rods fromtheiends towards the centre partition ofthe box, the one with ,one set .of counters, and the other with the other set, when the person who vthus first completes the whole number of counters is the winner of the game, and, the game being consequently ended, if it is to be again. played, the counters are placed'back against the ends of the box,fand the spinning of the toplproceeded with as before.

4In order to decide which'one of the two or more persons playing is to lead, and the order inwhich they are Vto follow each other in play, the top may be spun for such' purpose, whereby, according as may be agreed, the lead may be determined.

In conclus-ion, it may be here remarked, that by my improved board 'or box, with atop of the form described,

. very interesting, amusing, and instructive game is produced, and one ofvmuch `advantage and importance to hildren, as n means of acquiring the power to add numbersrwith facility.

Having thnsdescribed my invention, what I claim ns new, und desire to secure by Letters Patent, is,- A board or box, constructed with compartments, and provided with counters arranged to slide upon wires r rods, substantially as and. for the purpose described.

The above specification of my invention signed' by mo, this 4th'dcy of Aprii, 1867.




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Cooperative ClassificationA63F9/16