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Publication numberUS766169 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1904
Filing dateOct 28, 1903
Priority dateOct 28, 1903
Publication numberUS 766169 A, US 766169A, US-A-766169, US766169 A, US766169A
InventorsLars Christiansen
Original AssigneeCharles Wilson, Lars Christiansen
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US 766169 A
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' No. 766,169. PATENTED AUG. 2, 1904.




jawerziz- 441 "aw 722mm /m zai 79 No. 766,169. Patented August 2, 1904.




SPECIFICA TION forming part of Letters Patent No. 766,169, dated August 2, 1904.

Application filed October 28, 1903. Serial No. 178.851. (No model.)

T all whom it y concern! being held and terminates in the hook end Be it known that I, LARS CHRIs'rIANsEN, a 16, overlapping and engaging the edge of the citizen of the United States, residing at Chibrush or other object inserted.

cago, in the county of Cook and State of Illi- 17 is a loose jaw, provided with a contracted 5 nois, have invented new and useful Improveneck 18, which loosely engages the opening ments in Brush-Holders, of which the follow- 14 in the companion jaw, and an integral ing is a specification. cross-head 19. The jaws are thus hinged to- This invention relates to improvements in gether. 5o holders for use in connection with scrubbing The jaw members are each provided with 0 and cleaning brushes and other devices of an an aperture 20 for the insertion of a clampanalogous character, and has for its object to ing-bolt 21, having a wing-nut 22 threaded provide a device that is simple in construcon one end thereof, as shown in Fig. 1. By tion, easily and conveniently manipulated, slacking back on the nut 22 the loose jaw and thoroughly practical in application. member will swing free on its hinged or piv- 15 In the drawings, Figure 1 is a view in perotal connection for the convenient insertion spective of a device embodying the improved of the brush, and tightening up on the nut features. Fig. 2 is a View in perspective of clamps the same tightly in place. By this arthe holder end of the handle. Fig. 3 is a derangement the ordinary hand scrubbing-brush tached view in perspective of a locking-fermay be provided with a detachable holding- 2 rule. Fig. 4 is a view in perspective of one handle for convenient use in scrubbing floors of the holder-jaws, and Fig. 5 is a similar and cleaning walls and ceilings. It is obvious view of the other jaw part. that other cleaning and dusting devices may A represents a handle, which may be of any be inserted in the holder. 5 desired length and has a reduced holder end Having thus described my invention, what 2 5 6, forming a shoulder 7. The holder end of I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patthe handle is provided on opposite sides, Fig. ent, is

2, with companion grooves 8, which extend In a holder of the class described, a handle back to the shoulder 7. The larger holder or provided with companion grooves located dia- 7 clamping-jaw 9 has one end bifurcated, formmetrically opposite each other, a clamping- 3 ing tangs 10, which engage grooves 8 and jaw having a bifurcated end engaging said straddle center piece 11 when these parts are grooves and provided with an opening, alockassembled. A ferrule 12 has a close-fitting ing-ferrule, a second jaw provided with a neck engagement with the holder end of the handle and cross-head, said neck loosely engaging and comes to a stop against shoulder 7 in said opening in the fixed jaw, andaclamping- 3 5 properly securing the clamping-jaw 9 to the bolt connecting the jaw members.

handle. The open slot 13 in the bifurcated In testimony whereofIhavesigned myname end of jaw 9 ends in an opening 1st and proto this specification in the presence of two subvides for a slight spring edgewise action of scribing witnesses.

tangs 10 from the clamping pressure of the LARS CHRISTIANSEN. 4 ferrule and securing the parts together against WVitnesses:

separation. The outer part of the jaw 9 is EDWARD I. BUOKLIN,

bent to conform to the surface of the brush G. E. CHURCH.

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Cooperative ClassificationB25G3/04