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Publication numberUS766484 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1904
Filing dateMay 2, 1903
Priority dateMay 2, 1903
Publication numberUS 766484 A, US 766484A, US-A-766484, US766484 A, US766484A
InventorsElizabeth H C Armstrong
Original AssigneeElizabeth H C Armstrong
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US 766484 A
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No. 766,484. PATENTED AUG. 2, 1904. E. H. G. ARMSTRONG.




UNTTED STATES Patented August 2, 1904.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 766,484, dated August 2, 1904.

Implication filel- May 2, 1903.

To all whom it 711/117 concern:

Be it known that I, ELIZABETH H. C. ARM- STRONG, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of New London, in the county of New London and State of Connecticut, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Chairs, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to an improvement in chairs; and it consists in providing a chair with one or more arm-rests which may be readily adjusted to any desired position.

The chief object of my invention is to provide a chair of the above character which will be suitable for the use of an occupant when holding a small child or baby, the arm-rest being capable of vertical and lateral adjustment, so that it may be brought into just the right position for comfortably supporting the arm of the occupant.

A further object is to provide a chair in which one or both of the arm-rests may be brought into and out of position for use or may be removed entirely from the chair when so desired.

A practical embodiment of my invention is represented in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 represents a chair in side elevation with my adjustable arm-rest engaged therewith, the arm-rest being shown in full lines in oneof its vertical adjustments and in dotted lines in another of its vertical adjustments. Fig. 9. is a top plan view of the chair, showing the two arm-rests in full lines in two different adjustments with respect to the chair and in dotted lines in two other adjustments laterally with respect to the chair; and Fig. 3 is an enlarged inverted plan of one of the armrests, showing it clamped to one of the uprights of the chair-back and showing the position of the gripping-plates when swuug apart for permitting the rest to be removed from the chair.

The chair herein shown is denoted as a whole by 1 and may be of any desired form.

The side uprights of the chair-back are denoted by 2. In the present instance these uprights 2 are shown as being round in cross- SerialNo.165,257. No model.)

l section; but it is to be understood that they may be of other shapes if so desired.

The arm-rests are denoted by 3, which armrests may be clamped to the uprights 2 of the chair-back in any desired vertical and lateral adjustment.

Any suitable means may be employed for securing the arm-rests to the chair-back, the device shown herein comprising two gripping-plates t and 5, pivoted at 6 and 7 to the bottom of the arm-rest to swing laterally with respect thereto and a clamp-screw S, engaging the free ends ofthe said gripping-plates. The gripping-plates are provided with suitable recessed portions 9 and 10 intermediate their inner and outer ends for receiving the side upright 2 of the chair-back. These arm-rests 3 are preferably made quite short, and it will be seen that they are entirely supported at their rear ends, leaving the space beneath the forward ends of the rest open. These arm rests 3 may be padded, if so desired, to render them more comfortable.

The arm of an ordinary armed chair is not in the right position for suitably supporting the arm of the occupant when holding a small child or baby.

By the use of the adjustable arm-rests as hereinabove described the occupant of the chair is enabled to adjust one or both of the arm-rests to the required position, vertically and laterally, thus permitting the arm-rest to materially assist in supporting the said small child or baby.

\Vhile I have shown the arm-rests as applied herein to a straight chair, it is obvious that they may be applied equally well to a rockingchair. It is evident that these arm-rests may be made in any required shape and size to suit different requirements, and it is also evident that the form of clamp for securing the armrest to the chair may be varied at pleasure without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention. Hence I do not wish to limit myself strictly to the structure herein set forth; but

\V hat I claim is The combination with a chair, of an armrest, two gripping-plates separately hinged thereto adapted to embrace an upright of the I my invention I have signed my name, in preschair-back and a clamp-screw for the gripence of two Witnesses, this 27th day of April, IO

ping-plates to draw them into engagement 1903.

With the upright for securing the rear end of 5 the arm-rest in engagement With the upright in different vertical and lateral adjustments ELIZABETH H'. C. ARMSTRONG.


With respect thereto. B. L. ARMSTRONG,

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as l PERRY O. EGGLESTON.

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