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Publication numberUS767567 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1904
Filing dateDec 9, 1903
Priority dateDec 9, 1903
Publication numberUS 767567 A, US 767567A, US-A-767567, US767567 A, US767567A
InventorsHenry Francis Keil
Original AssigneeHenry Francis Keil
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US 767567 A
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No; 767,567. PATENTED AUG. 16, 1904.

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UNITED STATES Patented August 16, 1904.



SPECIFICATION forming part Of Letters Patent NO. 767,567, dated August 16, 1904:.

Application filed December 9, 1903. Serial No. 184,499- (No model.)

swinging or a sliding door, as a cupboard' door, may be securely held in the closed position and also readily opened when so desired; and it has for its object the provision of an appliance of the kind set forth simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacture, and efficient 1n practical use.

To attain the desired end, this my invention consists in the construction, arrangement, and

- operation of parts herein set forth.

In order to enable my invention to be fully understood, 1 will proceed to explain the same by reference to the drawings which accompany and form a part of this specification, in which I Figure 1 represents a side elevation of my catch and support therefor, partly in section.

Figs. 2 and 3 are vertical sections of my fastener in latched and unlatched position, respectively. Figs 4 and 5 are views in detail of the various parts of my catch, and Fig. 6 is a view of another casing or shell constructed according to my invention.

Like letters of reference indicate like parts in all the views.

Referring particularly to the drawings, A denotes the plunger used in my catch, consisting ordinarily of a shell a, a washer a, and a covero The shell a and washer a are each slotted, the said slots being constructed and arranged to register with the slots formed on the opposite sides of the enlargement (Z of the plate D, and after being mounted upon the said plate the cover a is applied to the same and the annular flange of the said cover forced inwardly over the flaring mouth of the shell a, thus rigidly fastening the parts together.

The casing or shell B of my catch is preferably struck up from a sheet of metal and consists of aflaring base portion .72 a cylindrical neck 5, and an annular hollow head I), the same providing a chamber in connection with a transverse diaphragm or disk C, formed with a longitudinal guide or rectangular sleeve C, having an orifice C and which disk is constructed and arranged to register in contour with and to loosely fit the interior of the flaring portion of the base 6 The lever D is made with a socket d at one end in order to loosely contain the rounded extremity (Z3 of the plate D and to form an elbow-joint and is formed with a hook (Z at the end of the same, constructed and arranged to engage a striker or keeper E.

In order to assemble the parts, the plunger A and the plate D, fastened thereto, are first inserted in the apertured head 6 of the shell B. The spring F is then slipped over the said plate D, after which the lever D is engaged with the plate D, and, lastly, the diaphragm or disk C is inserted in the flaring base of the casing B, and the flap of the latter is forced.

inwardly over the edge of the disk Cto rigidly secure the same to the casing B, thus holding all the parts in proper position. The lever D is fulcrumed by passing the pin G through the orifice C of the disk C and the orifice (F of the lever D.

In lieu of striking up the shell B from one sheet of metal manifestly the same may be constructed of a body portion B, an intermediate Washer B and a head B the annular flange of which may be forced inwardly over the horizontal edge formed at the top of the .part B, as shown in Fig. 6.

In operation my catch is ordinarily applied to a door or other movable articles and the keeper or striker therefor is fastened to the jamb or other support. WVhen the door, 620., is caused to assume a closed relation, the locklever D willengage the striker E and the V hook (P will be raised or forced in a backward direction around its pivot G until it rides over the edge of the striker, whereupon the spring F, lying between the ,disk C, which forms a bearing for the said lever, and the shell (0 of door, 620., again, the plunger A is pushed inwardly, thereby causing the lock-lever D to rise or be movedvin a rearward position again a sufficient distance for the hook (Z to clear the edge of the keeper or striker E.

As it is evident that many changes in the construction, form, proportion, and relative arrangement of parts might be resorted to.

head and a flat body portion constructed ofsheet metal, a lock-lever, an elbow-joint therebetween, and a casing for the same made of sheet metal and consisting of a hollow shell and a transverse disk formed with a longitudinal guide and a bearing for said plunger and lock-lever.

2. As a new article of manufacture a latch 3. As a new article of manufacture, a latch comprising a plunger constructed of sheet metal and consisting of a fiat body portion and a hollow head formed by a shell, a washer to which the end of the body portion is riveted, and a cap or cover to hold the whole together, a lock-lever, and a casing for the same formed of sheet metal and consisting of a hollow shell and a transverse disk constructed with a bearing for the said lock lever.

Intestimony of the foregoing specification I do hereby sign the same, in the State of New York, in the city and county of New York, this 23d day of November, 1903.




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Cooperative ClassificationY10S292/37, E05C3/30