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Publication numberUS770433 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 20, 1904
Filing dateMay 25, 1904
Publication numberUS 770433 A, US 770433A, US-A-770433, US770433 A, US770433A
InventorsThomas B. Kinkaide
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Thermal inductor
US 770433 A
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UNITED STATES Patented September 20, 1904:.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 770,433, dated September 20, 1904.

Application filed May 25, 1904. Serial No. 209,687. (No model.) i

T @ZZ who-m it may concern:

Be it known that I, THOMAS B. KINRAIDE,

a citizen of the United States, and a resident of4 of being to produce a high state of cell activity unaccompanied by the well-recognized,

disagreeable, and unpleasant electrical phenomena usually attending the use of electrical apparatus.

I have discovered that it is possible to produce a peculiar heat effect, which is very advantageous in therapeutical treatment wherever sluggish conditions exist without producing any sensation of current passing through the body, but producing merely the sensation of heat. I accomplish this result by providing an electric filedv of enormous frequency having very low self-inductive resistance per turn.

The structural arrangement and further advantages of my invention will be pointed out in the course of lthe following description, reference .being had to the accompanying drawings, in which I have illustrated one embodiment of my invention.

In the drawings, Figure l is a diagrammatic view thereof; and Fig. 2 is la vertical cross-sectional view taken on the line 2 Q, Fig. 1.

In connection with a suitable high-frequency generator, herein indicated as comprising a high-potential transformer composed of a primary c and a secondary a', the latter leading to a condenser co2 of small area, from which lead terminals as d, a spark-gap a5 being interposed in one or both of said terminals, being shown in ai, I provide a special coil B, which, taken in connection with the aforesaid high-frequency generator, produces the peculiar thermal efect, with imperceptible current effect, which constitutes my discovery. This coil B, as clearly shown in Fig. 2, in which'I have shown a practical working size thereof,

consists of a thin wide ribbon of suitable conducting material, such as copper, formed in a coil having large diameter and few turns.`

For practical purposes I have found that a coil about eighteen inches in diameter composed of live turns of ribbon one inch wide used in connection with a condenser of small capacity is very eflicient for accomplishing the results which I have discovered. Suitable hand-electrodes c c are connected to the terminals of the coil as near to the condenser as convenient, as indicated in Fig. l.

In use the terminals c c are grasped'by the hands of the patient, or if other forms of electrodes are used they are placed upon the body or manipulated in any manner desired by the physician, the result being that a gently-permeating heat effect suifuses the portions of the body adjacent the electrodes c c without, however, being accompanied by any of the disagreeable and in some instances dangerous electrical effects which accompany the ordinary faradic current. There is no painful spark and no danger whatever from the current, so that it can be safely applied with a sponge without any danger of bad effects in removing or applying the same in a wet condition. rlhe enormous high frequency produced by this special coil produces a bombardment in the molecular structure of the tissues, resulting in a mechanical heat effect,

and yet as the resistance per turn of the coil B is extremely low in self-induction, there being scarcely any rise in potential from turn to turn, there is no appreciable electric effect present. The high state of cell activity produced by this apparatus manifests itself in various ways-as, for example, by the production of moisture on the surface and the reddening of the skin.

I do not intend to limit myself to the precise form, proportions, or arrangement herein described, as it will be readily understood by those skilled in the art that the invention is capable of a wide variety of embodiments.

Having described my invention, what I claim to be new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A device of the kind described, comprising a source of high-frequency current including a condenser of small capacity, and a coil in series therewith, consisting of few turns of large diameter and extremely low self-inductive resistance.

2. A device of the kind described, comprising a source of high-frequency current, in series with a coil of low self-inductive resistance per turn and having an inappreciable difference in potential between successive turns.

3. A device of the kind described, comprising a high-frequency generator including a condenser of small capacity, and a coil of large diameter and few turns of conductive material presenting large superficial conducting area, said coil being connected around said condenser, and a spark-gap interposed in one terminal.

4. A device of the kind described, comprising a source of high-frequency current, in series with a coil ot' large diameter and few turns composed of a wide, thin ribbon conductor.

5. A device of the kind described, comprising a source of high-frequency current, in sey THOMAS B. KINRAIDE.



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Cooperative ClassificationA61N2/02