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Publication numberUS77263 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1868
Publication numberUS 77263 A, US 77263A, US-A-77263, US77263 A, US77263A
InventorsHenry W. Eastman
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Henry w
US 77263 A
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wenn* 'initei taies geteld effige,


Letters Patent No. 77,263, dated April 28, 1868.


ite eigehtle refereet te in ilgese ietter ttent met meting putt ef tige tame.

To ALL WHoM 1T MAY:continent:A

Be it known that I, HENRY W. EASTMAN, of the city and county of Baltimore, State of Maryland, have invented a new and improved Toilet-Attachment for Bureaus; and do hereby declare 'that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the construction andl operation of the same, refe-rence being had to the annexed drawing, (making a. part of this specification,) in which my invention is represented by a perspective view.`

This invention is a neat and ornamental attachment for bureaus, which serves the purpose of n support for holding and adjusting the mirror, while it furnishes a convenient receptacle forfcombs, brushes,iperfumery, eine., &c. l

A In the drawing, A represents the bureau, and B a neat upright cabinet, resting on the top of the bureau, supported on its flanks by brackets, b b, properly ornamented with mouldings,'c c, and provided with shelves, s s.

D is a hinged frame, which opens and closes upon the front side ot 'the cabinet, like a door, and has a lock, l, by which it can be securely fastened when shut. v

M is a mirror, hinged at its bottom to the bottom cf the frame, as shown at m m, so as to open outward at the top, in the manner represented in the drawing, and closing into the frame D, whenshut, so as to form, with `the frame, a door to the cabinet.

At its top it is provided with an adjusting-rod, r, by which it can be fixed at any required inclination to the frame, and, as the latter turns on its side hinges, can assume a variety of angles with the front of the bureau, so as to accommodate'itself to the position ofthe person using it. A drawer, Gr, may be provided under the door, in the cabinet.

The cabinet forms a convenient receptacle for the various articles of the toilet.

The whole device is a neat and ornamental appur-tenance, which can be applied to any bureau.

Having thus described my invention, what I claimas new, and desire to Secure by Letters Patent, is

The toilet-attachment for bureaus above described, consisting substantially of the upright cabinet B, provided with horizontal shelves s, the frame D swinging on side hinges, and the mirror M, hinged to the frame D, and provided with au adjusting-rod or cord, r, the whole operating together in the manner and for .thepurposes specified. i A




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Cooperative ClassificationB60R1/06