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Publication numberUS772690 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 18, 1904
Filing dateMar 25, 1904
Priority dateMar 25, 1904
Publication numberUS 772690 A, US 772690A, US-A-772690, US772690 A, US772690A
InventorsCarl Baswitz
Original AssigneeCarl Baswitz
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US 772690 A
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No. 772,690. A PATBNTED 00T. 18, 1904.-

, c. BASWITZ. y, I f




form a closed buoy. n

' UNITED STATES Patented oeteber 1s, 1904.


SPECIFICATION forming part ef Lettereratent No. 772,690, dated oeteber 18, 1904.

Application I 'iled Maricl125, 1904.

. Be it known that I, CARL BAswITZ, a subject of the King of Prussia, Emperor of Germany, residing at 91 y92 Alt-Moabit, Berlin, N. W. in the Kingdom of Prussia and Empire of Germany, have invented new and useful Improve.-

ments in Life-Buoys, of which the following is a specification. .l Y

My invention relates to life-buoys.

Of late years several forms of open lifebuoys, in contradistinction to the well-known ring-shaped buoys, have been constructed,Y but opinion differs as to whether preference should be given to the open or to the closed form. It appears that one or the other form is to be preferred, according to the dexterity of the person whose life is to be saved by thev buoy, for it requires a certain amount of practice to get into the ring, which after theI person has entered may insure the greater safety than the open buoy,while the latter affords a temporary hold to the persons, however unskilful they may be.

One object of my said invention is to construct a life-buoy combining the advantages of both the aforesaid forms of buoys. For this purpose the improved life-buoy consists of two half-rings which arerconnected with -each other at their ends and adapted to beA folded, so that when 'p folded the half-rings` form an open buoyand when opened out theyy Another object of this invention consists in providing the buoy with an open-worked bot tom connected by anet with the two "halfrings and enabling the persons to tread thereon. This bottom is adapted tov-be hung up together with the two half-rings, whichleave.

a space wherein it is placed, the arrangement Figure l is aside elevation of the life-buoy. v

Fig. 2 is a plan of the same. Fig. 3 is a side elevation showing the two half-rings and bottom folded. Fig. 4 is an end elevation correserial Ne. 199,976. (Needed.)

spondingto Fig.: 3,1the folded half7rings and vbottom being hung. up together.

thrown obliquely ontlie water, thetwo halfrings will remain in position one upon the other, thus forming an open buoy, while when thrown inthe open state of the two half-rings it will reach the water as a closed buoy; but

in either case a vsimple manipulation is sufficient to change the` buoy from an open to a closed one, andvice versa, so that it may always be employed in the form most suitable for practiced and yunpraoticed persons.

All around the buoy may be fastened the upper edge of a net CZ, which, as it extends downward, tapers at the two ends of the de- Vice, the lower edge of the net being attached to a metallic ring, upon which straps or the like are stretched, so as to form an open- .workedv bottom e, designed for the person in the buoy totread on. An arrangement of this kindl is chiefly intended for large lifebuoys fitted for the reception of a number of persons. Frior"l to this invention attempts have already been madeto use buoys of such al size on ships, but the difficulty of placing ythem was found to` be a very serious drawback. This diiiicultyis-o'bviated by enabling 'the two half-rings@ and?) to be folded, as Yhereinset forth, andby furnishing them with loops f and g and the bottom c with a loop e.,

`attachedto it in such a manner that the halfrings and bottom may be' hung up together, the latter occupying an intermediate position. In this position the bottom e may fit4 in the space. left by the two closed half-rings, as shown in Figs. S'and 4.

In the constructional form illustrated I have made the two ends a' and y' of the half-rings a and taper, and the fiexible connections c are. so short that when the two half-rings are IOO folded the said ends will exert a slight pressure against each other. On the removal of the buoy from its suspension-hook the ends of the two half-rings@ and I), owing to the aforesaid pressure, `tend to force these halfrings apart, while the bottom e, through the medium of the net (Z, exerts a pull upon these half-rings to open them. Thus when the buoy is falling down it will reach the water with the two half-rings opened out.

Itis expedient to throw the life-buoy, if provided with a bottom and net, by a line attached either to the loop f or g, for should it be thrown obliquely and reach the water with the two half-rings a and still closed upon each other a violent jerl; on the line will be requisite in order to open the half-rings immediately and with certainty.

Evidently some changes from the specific construction herein disclosed may be made. Therefore l do not wish to limit myself to the precise constructional form represented and described, but desire the liberty to make such modifications in working my invention as may fairly come within the spirit and scope of the same.

WVhat I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

l. A life-buoy of the character described consisting of two halves constructed to form permanent half-rings having tapered ends connected with each other, substantial] y as and for the purpose herein set forth.

Q. A life-buoy of the character described, consisting of two half-rings having tapered ends connected with each other, a bottom, and a net connecting the said bottom with the half-rings, substantially as and for the pur pose set forth.

3. A life-buoy of the character described,

consisting of two half-rings havingr tapered ends connected with each other` a bottom iitting in the space left by the two closed halfrings, and a net connecting the said bottom with the half-rings, substantially as and for the purpose herein set forth.

4. A life-buoy of the character described, consisting of two half-rings provided with loops and having tapered ends connected with each other by cords, a bottom provided with a loop and fitting in the space left by the two closed half-rings, and a net connecting,r the said bottom with the half-rings, substantially as and for the purpose herein set forth.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.



fenomeni l-lAUr'r, HENRY Hasrnn.

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Cooperative ClassificationB63C9/04