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Publication numberUS77285 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1868
Publication numberUS 77285 A, US 77285A, US-A-77285, US77285 A, US77285A
InventorsAm F. Holske
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US 77285 A
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w l'Ti'LIh M r. s oiirsn n, o F NEW non K; in; r;

' Letters Prom-1n. presenter s lit-2s, moss I j nsrnovsnrnnnssnsrsnornns."

like fizteimlt tlfrmh it it line-321m stun mating of its inne TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: p

Be it known that I, Winhmn "F. HoLsK'n, 'ofiliew Yorli, in the county and State of 'NwYorh, have invented a, new and useful Improvement in the Construction of Tubes and Barrels; and I do hereby declaret hlt the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable; those skilled in the art' to urs'ke end use the some, reference being hudto the accompanying plate of drawings, forming part of this specification,

Figure l -isnn' end elevctiou of one of my improved tubes. Figure 2 is a plan view of my improvement. Figure 3 is on elevz tic n of one of my improvedbinding-rings.

Figure d is elulenlurged end elevation of one of my improved wedging or key-stoves, end clumping-loop for operating the some. i

Figure 5 is en enlarged sectional elevation of n portion of two of said key-stoves and clamps.

Figure 6 is an enlarged view, in perspective, of a section of one of the binding-rings.

Similar letters of reference indicste corresponding parts.

The object of this improvement is to afiord inconvenient and economical method of constructing tubes andtubulsr structures, applicable for pneumatic rslilwnys, rosdwnys of :ill kinds, water-conduits, go's-pipes, reset voirs for oil, and for conducting and containing solids, fluids, gases, and ell kinds oi substances.

The states or hpdy of the'tubulor structures mode on this plan ere intended to be composed of wood, but any other suitable substance or materiel may be employed. I do not limit or confine myself to any psrticulur material for the manufacture of the stoves-or body.

Tubes end pipes mnds on my plan may he used either above or under ground or tester.

To prevent decay, the wood should be treated with preservative substances before use.

Referring to the drawings, A are metallic binding-rings; between which the ends of the stoves, or materials composing the-body of the tube or structure, are held The edges of the rings A are each provided, with an annular recess or 'groove, e, at particularly shown in fig. 6; end the endsof the stnves B are tongu'ed to'fit into the groove a, so that when put together, the sides of stsves and the rings will be flush with each other. The edges of the stsves s're to be tonguednnd groored.

Provision ismnde st suitable intervals for a break in the continuity of the annular grooves a, so that the stoves may be conveniently introduced'whcn setting up or building the tube. These breaks are illustrated at b 6, fig. 8, .where the outer petition of the groove 6 is cut uwsy, thus efiording room .for the introduction of the stoves.

The stsves'nnd rings are bound together by means of screw-rods G and nuts c. The'rods 0 pass through ears (2', cost upon the rings A. When the stoves halve been, introduced between the rings, the nuts c npon the rods 0, are tightly screwed up, and thestc-ves and rings ere-thus tightly bound together in e longitudinsl direce tion. Tubes of indefinite lengths may be time constructed in as very expeditious and convenient mnnner.

In laying downa. tube, it may readily be caused to deflect from a straight line, whep desired, by making the stoves longer upon one side of the tube than upon the other,ns shown at 2: :t' in the' drawing.

In order to compress and hold the edges of the stoves tightly together after they have been. introduced intc;i the grooves 'a, I make use of wedging or key-stoves B; the sides of which are inclined, as particularly shown. in g. 4, r 4

Thewedg-ing'pr key-stoves B are introduced at the breaks 6, directly over which are located the clamping loops D, which form a. port of the rings A. The key-staves B' are to be powerfully pressed downward by turning the clamping-screws at, one of which acts upon each end of the stares B. The edges of the two stsves B next adjoining the key-stoves B are to be bevelled like th s edges of the stoves B, so that when the latter are pressed down, the stoves B will be pushed lstereliy, end firnily pressed together, (see fig. 4.)

Wh never it is desired to remove any or all of the stores B, itjs only necessary to loosen the screws 3 W. F. HOLSKE. TUBULAR STRUCTURE.

Patented'Apr. 28, 1868.

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Cooperative ClassificationF16L9/01