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Publication numberUS77527 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1868
Publication numberUS 77527 A, US 77527A, US-A-77527, US77527 A, US77527A
InventorsOliver H. Eebd
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Oliver h
US 77527 A
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@uitrit gilt-:rire @sind @frn Leners Parmi No." 77,527, dem May '5, 186s.

IMPRVEMENT IN GUIDE-GAUGS FOR PBINTINGfPRESSESi @In tlgihulmfemh this: 'etimi mutant mating um tf the same Be it known that LOLIEB. H.`IREEI*)V, of Washington, in the county oi'" Washington, and vDistrict of Columbia, have invented a. new' and useful Improvem'entin Printing-Presses pand Ido hereby declare that the following is a fnl] and exect description thereof, reference Abeing` had to jthe accompanying drawings, ,and to the letters of reference marked thereon. K

' .My invention consists of `a folding side guide for paper ns an improvement in printng-presses.

In the laccompanying drawingsvFigure 1 is a: top View of my improvement.

Figure 2 is a. sidevview'of the same. v n

The plate'A is to be inserted into the feed-board ot'y Hoes press, or attached to the guide-bar ofv a Gordon press bymeans of the thumb-screw-Bliig. 2. Into the' face olf this plate is inserted a, pin,` C, sweeured bye. pivot, v D, and bearing against the4 plate-.spring E on the under side of the/plate A. By this arrnngementthe pin CA may be folded. down into o groove, G, and thus leave the face of the feed-board smooth or unobstructed `when the pin isnot in use. VA small concavity,'.H, g. 41, admits'the finger for' raising the lpin.

Two or more of these pins may be nsed liponfthe same press,'ifldesire`d, or' theplote A may ho reversible, or have a. Awide range of adjustabiiity when necessary. i l

My improvement renders the pin or 'side guide apermauent vpart of the printing-press, and preventsthe well-known dicuitiesvof the common pin as a. side guide, ond of the more permanent yet removable pin some times used.

I do not confine my invention4 to the precise construction above described,`as 'the form may bevaried somewhat without departing from my invention."

Having thus fully described my inventionywhat I desire to secure by Letters Potent of the United States, is

The use of a. foldingpin or side guide for paper upon a printing-press, substantially as set forth.

' OLIVER H.:- REED. Witnesses;


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Cooperative ClassificationB65H2301/331