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Publication numberUS77539 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1868
Publication numberUS 77539 A, US 77539A, US-A-77539, US77539 A, US77539A
InventorsH. Scheyenell
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US 77539 A
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Letters Patent No..77,539., dated Mag] 5, 1868.



Be it known that we, H. SCHEVENELL and S. S. REMBERT, of near Memphis, in the county of Shelby, and State of Tennessee, have invented anew and improved Instrument for Treating Hemorrhoids or Piles; and we do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable those skilled in the art to make and'use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, in which- The drawing represents a. perspective view of our improved instrument.

The vnature of our invention relates to the treatment of' the inflammation of the anus and rectum, commonly known as hemorrhoids or piles.

The principle of its action consists in the employment of a galvanic pole or electrode, composed of a combination of diiierent metals which are most productive of galvanic action. The galvanic action induced bythe contact ofthe metals and the moisture of the parts with which they are in contact conduces to reduce the tumid and inamed state of the parts.

It is well known that two or more-metals, placed in contact with each other and with moisture, will institute a galvanic action, or, more properly, an electric current of feeble tension.

The employment-of electricity in the treatment ot' disease, by topical application of the current,vis generally recognized as an eeotive means of treatment in certain pathological conditions, and our invention pro-v vides a readily available means of applying electricity to the diseased part, as will hereinafter be more fully set forth.

The electrode is composed of any suitable metals, as zinc and silver, or zinc-and copper, -or zinc and pla.- tinum, or other permutations of these or other metals.

The form of the instrument is shown in the drawing, A being the part for insertion, and B the base or body, to insure a more positive galvanic action due to a larger bulk of metal. v

The pressure of the part A upon the tumors, and the low temperature ol the metal, will also exert a curative effect, compressing and contracting the tumid parts, while the galvanic current will impart tone end induce the normal circulation, the previous interruption of which constitutes, per se. theinflamed condition familiarly known as piles. Y

The base, B, may be made hollow, to admit any solution, as that of sulphate of copper, andthe metalsy composing the part A so'combined in contact as to produce the galvan'ic .action in a greater degree.

The cavity in the base, being closed by means of any suitable screw-cap, the instrument could be conveniently applied without connecting it with a common battery.

The instrument is also available for the4 application of cold, as the temperature ofthe same may be lowered by any of the common i'rigoriiicv mixtures, as salt and ice, or the admixture of certain chemical salts, and the combined cit'ect of the galvanic current with the'reduced temperature will conduce to remove the inflammation.

The cavity in the basev may becovered with a'cap of rubber, and the water contained iu the cavity frozen by frigoric mixtures, as aforesaid, and the reduced temperature thus retained for.' a longer time.

In the figure, the vertical strips of copper or other metal are shownat a a', while the other part, b, in which it is embedded, is oi" zinc or other dierent metal. v

The electrode may be made with a suitable form for treating the vagina or uterus, and may be made suti-l ciently light to he worn in. position for several hours, being provided with any suitable straps for retaining it in place.

We claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent- The electrode A B, composed of different metals a a substantially as shown and described, forthe purpose set forth.



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