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Publication numberUS776356 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1904
Filing dateMar 14, 1904
Priority dateMar 14, 1904
Publication numberUS 776356 A, US 776356A, US-A-776356, US776356 A, US776356A
InventorsWilliam Hermann Setzler
Original AssigneeWilliam Hermann Setzler
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US 776356 A
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PATBNTED NOV. 29, 1904.





ATTORNEYS Patented November 29, 1904.

PATENT Tirion.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 776,356, dated November 29, 1904.

Application led March 14, 1904:.

vthe following is a full, clear, and exact description.

The object of this invention is to provide a more secure and reliable cover or inelosure for Siphon-bottles than has heretofore been commonly employed and also to enable the cover or inclosure to be ornamented to a relatively high degree,thus improving materially the appearance of the Siphon-bottle. This end I attain by a certain novel construction which will be hereinafter fully set forth.

This specication is an exact description of one example of my invention, while the claims define the actual scope thereof.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawing, forming a part of this specification, which represents an elevational view of the Siphon-bottle with parts of the head and of the case shown in section.

a indicates the body of the bottle, to the neck of which is applied the head or cap b, carrying the Siphon-nozzle and the interior siphon-tube. Said head or cap o may be of any desired form, and it is held on the neck of the bottle by a split collar c, the sections of which are externally threaded to be received within the internally-threaded eab and said collar engaging an annular enlargement a' on the neck of the bottle a.

The ease comprises a cylindric body partd, having a contracted upper portion CZ', adapted to cover the upper part of the body of the bottle to a point immediately adjacent to the cap. The lower end of the body @Z is open, and to said end is attached a bottom c, preferably through the medium of a flange e', formed on the bottom and rising therefrom and threaded within the lower extremity of the body d of the case.

In assembling the parts of the device the body d of the case is first dropped over the bottle before the application of the cap thereto, and the bottom e is then connected with the body of the case, as shown. Then the cap Serial No. 198,175. (No model.)

5 and its appurtenant parts are applied to the bottle, and since the opening in the top of the body of the case is of less diameter than that of the cap it will be impossible to remove the case without removing the cap, even though the bottom c of the case may have been disconnected. The contracted top part l/ of the ease bearing against the contracted upper part of the bottle will prevent the displacement of the case by moving it downward from the bottle. It will therefore be seen that a secure inclosure is provided which cannot be removed except upon the removal of the cap The body CZ of the case is preferably formed of sheet metal, so that it may be given any desired degree of ornamentation. This ornamentation may be of any sort considered suitable. In the drawing I have shown the ornamentation to consist of an open-work or filigree design (indicated at (Z2) and located at about the middle of the body portion of the case. The Siphon-cases heretofore commonly employed consist merely of wire netting, which cases are unsightly and protect the user of the bottle only against relatively large fragments of the glass. The ease which I have provided not only enables me to highly ornament the case of the siphon-bottle, but also to protect the user against every particle or fragment of the Siphon-bottle irrespective of the size of the fragment.

Various changes in the form, proportions, and minor details of my invention may be resorted to at will without departing' from the spirit and scope thereof. Hence I consider myself entitled to all such variations as may lie within the intent of my claims. i

Having thus described my invention, I claimy as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent-- l. A bottle case or cover, consisting of an open-ended body, the Lipper end of the body being contracted to iit upon the neck of the bottle and its lower end thickened and internally screw-threaded, and a closure for the lower end of the body, said closure forming a base-section and provided with a thickened marginal annular flange having its upper portion reduced on its outer side, said reduced portion being exteriorly screw-threaded, as set forth.


2. The combination with a Siphon-bottle, and its head or eap detaehubly secured to the neel( of the bottle, or' a ease for said bottle, comprising an open-ended body having its upper end Contracted to lit upon the neel; of the bottle and extending adjacent to the head or oep of the bottle, the opening in said upper end being of less diameter than the said heed or cap, and a closure for the lower end of the body, said Closure being detaehably secured to the bodyand forming a base-section therefor, as set forth.

3. The combination with a bottle, and its head or cap detaehably seeured to the neel; thereof, of a ease for said bottle, consisting of an open-ended body having its lower end internally screw-threaded and its upper end Contracted to iit upon the neel; of the bottle,

the opening in the contracted `portion beingV

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D41/02