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Publication numberUS77690 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 5, 1868
Publication numberUS 77690 A, US 77690A, US-A-77690, US77690 A, US77690A
InventorsPeter White
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Peter white
US 77690 A
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,Letters Patent No. 77,690, dated May 5, 1868; entedeted April 22. 1868 IMPROVEMENT IN CHECK-VALVES.

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Be it known that I, PETER WHITE, of the city and county of St. Louis, State of Missouri,.have inventeda new and useful Improvement in Gauge and Check-Valve; and I do hereby declare that the following is a. full and exact description of the same, reference being had to the annexed drawings, and letters marked thereon.

Thenature of my invention consists in providing the valve with a double movable seat, so it may be ground and used on both sides. v y v Figure 1 represents a longitudinal section of my valve and seat, cut through the centre from top to bottom.

F F is a packing-cap; E isaI cylinder, vfitting at the bottoni on the valve-scat, and provided with :i rim at the top, so as to t on the pipe R, and it is furnished with port-holes, HH, so as to admit the steam; also it has a' hole in the centre, through which the shaft K passes.

o B is the valve-seat, made with shoulders,l as seen in the cuts, and fitting closely on the partition-walls T T.

This seat is ground ou both sides, so as to it the valve, A, which is likewise ground, on'both upper and lower sides, to fit the seat. Nis a directing-shaft, passing through the valve A, rand working up and down in tho socket P and shaft K,'excep t when fastened to the shaft K bythe thumb-screw L, which is done when you'wsh touse the valve as a gauge-valve; but when you wish to use it as a. check-valve, you unfasten the thumb-screw, which permits the shaft N, with the valve, to play up and down in the sockets P and K.

The valve A is set on the centre of the shaft Nyso. when one sidevis worn out, the cylinder E mayb'eunscrewed, l the seat B inverted, and valveAinverted, and all placed in again,and the cylinderE screwed down on tli' shoul ders of the valve-seat.

K is a shaft, with a. screw cut on it, so as to ft a female screw in the cylinder E, and' at the bottom with a hole'or'socket, for thel shaft N to work in; also it is provided'with the thumb-screw, passing through from the outside and into the socket, so as to tighten the shaft N, when desired. It may be furnished, as in ordinary cases, at the top with ahand-wheelor a crank.

Now, when the cylinder E is screwed down tight on the `shoulders of the valve-seat B, there is no way for the steam to pass along 'the pipe, except through the valve-seat B, which hasv a large hole through the centre for that purpose, and which is closedby screwing the shaft K down, and screwing-it up will open the valvehole.

Also, the cylinder E may be unscrewedat any time, the seat lifted o ut and ground.

New, what I claim as my invention, is

I1. The combinationof the shaft K, thumb-screw L'shaft N, valve'A, valve-seat B, socket P, and cylinder E, substantially as herein-'Set forth. l I

2. The arrangementof the valve .Aa-nd seat B, as herein'set forth and described.


.Witnessesz i i

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Cooperative ClassificationF16K15/04