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Publication numberUS77746 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1868
Publication numberUS 77746 A, US 77746A, US-A-77746, US77746 A, US77746A
InventorsWilliam Mathews
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Improvement in purifying sorghum-juioe
US 77746 A
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. o 0 [ii W. MATHEWS.

Sugar Filteri No. 77,746. 7 Patented May 12, 1868. Y

wfi w [7705722027 217m (m Mam 777M17 M MM 0% 7 7mm iii/471W N. PETERS, Photoiithogmphar, Washingh)", D. C.

WILLIAM MATH'nw s ,"-oF T-Bfo'Y row-NsnI'P, 0 1.10.

Letters Patent'lV'o. 77,746, dated, M11 12, T868 IMPROVEMENT IN resrrrinc SORGHUM JUICE.

flit: 51112111112 marsh in in-flgm some fittest amt making mm 11f it: same.

TO ALL WHOM IT MAY con 0mm Be it known that I, WILL1AM'MLATHEWS, 0 Troy township, in the county of Morrow, in the State of Ohio, have invented a new and improved Mode of Purifying Sorghum-Juice, Sorghnm-Sirnp, orany other'kind of juice or sirnp used in the making of molasses or sugar; and I do hereby declare" that the following is a full andexact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanyingdrawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon.

The nature of my invention consistsin filtering the juiceor sirup thi'oughia series of boxes, ranged in succession, as represented in the drawing, and filled withsand, charcoal, and gravel, .as therein specified} To enable others skilled in the art to make and use my invention, I will proceed to describe more fully its construction and'operation, viz:

Figure 1 represents. a perspective view, and

Figure 2a sectional view. I

I) is a box, filled with coarse gravel; cis a box, filled with gravel and charcoal; dis abox, filled'with gravel and sand; (1 is the funnel, by which the liquid is introduced; e is the orifice through whichthe liquid issues after passing through the filtering-ingredients. i z

In actual operation, two or more boxes of each kind of the filtering-ingredients specified are nsed,'heing arranged in succession, tosuit the convenience of the operator.

What Iclaim as my invention, and desire to secure'by-Letters Patent, is-.-'

The improved filterer herein described, composed of the vessels 6 c d or their eqnivalenfts,'arranged and charged with filteringnaterials, substantially as described. i


R. Biummmiorr,

JOEL Mr'nns,


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Cooperative ClassificationB01D29/01