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Publication numberUS78022 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1868
Publication numberUS 78022 A, US 78022A, US-A-78022, US78022 A, US78022A
InventorsA. D. Smith
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US 78022 A
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Car Loader.

Patented May 19, 1868.

N. PETERS. Mommnu WalhingImL n C.


.Letters Patent No. 78,022, dated May 19, 1868.

IMPROVED LOADER FOR Looomorlvh-rsnnsns.

tilts fitlgtlmle marsh in it flgest'lttfitrtfitttnt tut mating part at it: same.


Be it known that 'I, A. D. SMITH, of Grafton, county of Lorain, in the State of Ohio, have invented anew and improved Ready Loader for Locomotive-Tenders;.and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and'to the letters of reference marked thereon.

I Figure 1 is a perspective View, showing the bottom, with the arrangement of doors, 850.

Figure 2 is an end elevation. Figure 3 is a plan view. The nature of this improvement relates to the construction of a box, or which I call a ready loader, to be used in loadingwood or coal into locom'otive-tenders, it being provided with a bottom-discharge, orarrangement.

whereby thereis'a great saving in time and labor.

The construction and arrangement of the parts of my improvement are as follows: A box, A, ismade of convenient size and form, and is divided by a partition, a, into two apartments, (said box may be of, wood or other suitable material,) and may have bails, b b, or ears upon the sides, by which it may be suspended by block of doors, which deposits the contents-into the tender in bulk, performing the work expeditiously and thoroughly,

. and tackle, for raising'and lowering it,.to a crane or othersnitable device, for swinging it over a locomotivetender. To the bottom of the box A is provided one or more doors, B B, which are attached by means of springhinges, c c, in such a manner that when open they do not interfere or obstruct the discharge of the contents of i the box A. Upon each end of the said box A are attached spring or gravitatinglatches, O C, that engage with the pins ddin the doors :3 B, and hold them closed until released bythe pins ea in the frame D." Around the bottom of box A there is a frame, D, which is suspended by the spring-rods ff, and which is larger than the box, and extends a short distance frbm it on the sides, to give room for it to swing either way to open the latches O G, the pins e e in the frame D being provided for that purpose. Upon the bottom of the doorsis placed a sufiicient number of feet, 9 g, upon which the box rests when standing on the ground. This also insures the doors being latched.

The operation of this improved loader is as follows: At the stations where wood and water are usually taken, one of these loaders maybe employed to great advantage, and a saving of time and labor, the loader being filled, awaiting the arrival of the train, and when arrived the crane is swung around over the tender by the fireman or other attendant, who grasps the frame D by its handle it, and drawing towards him, releases the latches C when the weight of the contents opens the doors B B, and it is discharged, and -by pushing the frame-D'from him releases the other doors, and discharges the contents in the other apartment of the box. When the boxhas been relieved of its load, the'doors are immediately closed by the spring-hinges c c, then the box is swung back out of the way, and reloaded for the next train.

I claim the frame D, its sustaining-rods ff, thelatches G O, in combination with the box A and trap-doors B B, all constructed and arranged to operate substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

' A. D. SMITH.


Geo. Hnsrnn, GEO. W. TIBBITTS.

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