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Publication numberUS78263 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1868
Publication numberUS 78263 A, US 78263A, US-A-78263, US78263 A, US78263A
InventorsImproved Stair-carpet Fastener
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Improved stair-carpet fastener and protector
US 78263 A
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Patented May 26, 1868.

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if) 1 r I Letters Patent No. 78,263, dated May at, 1868.


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Bait known that I, JOSEPH G0llNEit,-Jr-, of Chicago, in the countyof Cook,- audStato of Illinois, have invented a newand improved Carpet-Fastener and Protector; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making part of this specification, in whichp Figure l is a perspective view of two steps, showing the -improved fastener applied to one of them.

Figure 2 is a top view of the fastener.

Figure 3 is anend view of the fastener in two positions.

Similar letters of reference indicate correspondingparts in the several figures.

The object of this invention is to protect stair-carpets from being readilysoiled and worn out by stepping upon them, and at the same time to ailord a simple and eificiont means Messenger, such carpets upon the stairs. The invention-consists in a device which, when it is applied to a carpet upon astair-step, will serve'ns a means for securing such carpet down firmly in place, and also afford a cover which will protect the carpet from being stepped upon by persons ascending and descending the stairs, a-s will be hereinafter described.

To enable others skilled in .the art to understand my invention, I will describe its construction and operation- In the accompanying drawings, the improved fastener and protector is represented as being constructed of a thin plate, B, of metal or other suitable substance, which may be inade with fancy open work, I), which will expose to view the carpet upon which it rests, and present a neat and handsome appearance when uporra step, A, as shown in figs. land 2.; This covering-plate B may be made solid, but I prefer to make it openpas shown in the drawings, for the purpose above stated, and it may be made whole or in part of hardened'Indiii rubber, or other substance which will answer the purpose. I

The front and rear edges of the covering-plate B are parallel with each other, and the front edge is made with a depressed lip, a, which is adapted to fit over the front edge of the step, and protect the stair-carpet at this point; also to prevent the cover from beingnccident'ally thrown'up by-the fectof a; person ascending the stairs. Said edgc'i's also elevated above the main surface of the plate, in order; to prevent liability of, slippin The extremities of the back part of the cover B are extended,-so as to form means by which the cover can be attached to ears 2, which are'fastcned upon the step outside of the carpet, as shown in figs-1, 2, and 3. These extensions 0 G are made with hooked extremities, and are adaptedto slip into the circular opening in theearsc e when the cover B isin the position shown in "red in fig. 3, and when this cover is'swung down in placeupon the step, the ears viii keep its rear edge firmly in place, and thus hold the carpet closely into the angleformed by the step and its riser. It will be seen that the cover can be thrown up at any time, when it is desired to remove it, or to sweep the carpet beneath it.

The device thus described serves two purposes, namely, it serves as a stair-rod for holding the carpet in place upon the stairs, and it also serves as' a covering for that portion of the carpet which is upon a step, so that while the carpet can be exposed to view, it cannot he stepped upon by persons ascending or descending a staircase.

I-do not confine myself to the combined stair-rod -and carpet-protector, constructed precisely as I have shown and described, as the device may be made of various forms and designs, and fastened to a step in differ out ways. I prefer, however, to have the fastenings made so that the covers can be readily attached and detached, 'for convenience of removing it, when it is desired to sweep beneath it. The bearings orcars e, which I have shown, are made so that while the flat cxtremitiesC can be readily introduced into those cars when the cover isrin an upright position, thiscovcr cannot be removed unless it is first adjusted in such position as above shown and described.

Having described my invention, what I claim as'new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is L'A device, 13, having axial extensions c c, the sainc constituting acombined stuir-rodand protector, or stair-carpet fastener and-protector, substantially as and for thepurpose described.

2. The combined stair-rod and protector D c, in combination with the cars or holders e a, substantially as described. i

3. The depressed lip 'a, on the front edge of the protecting-cover B of the combined stair-rod and protector, as described.



Guns. Mnnnun H. Lsren.

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