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Publication numberUS78365 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1868
Publication numberUS 78365 A, US 78365A, US-A-78365, US78365 A, US78365A
InventorsJohn A. Evarts
Original AssigneeBrad
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Improvement in chandeliers
US 78365 A
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i J.' A.-ErvAnTs.

Hanging Chandeliers..v

Patented May 26, 1868.

glatten gieten atnt @trinitA JOHN A. amers, oFwnsT-MNRIDEN, CONNECTICUT, .AssreNCR To lBRAD- jnur e 'Heumen Creatin PLACE;

Lenti-8 Patent No. 78,365, ma May 26,1868.

IMPROVEMENT 1N cnANDELIEns 1ro ALL WHCM 1T' Maiz CONCERNE v Be it known that I, JIIN A. EVARTS, ofJWest Meriden, in the county of New Haven, and State 'of Con- I nocticut, have invented a new Improvement inA Chandeliers, 'and manner'of suspending thesame; and I do hereby. declare the following, wl1en taken in connection with the aeeon'ipanying drawings, and the letters of reference marked thereon, Vto he a full, clear, and exact descriptionoffthc same, and which said drawings conlstitnte part of this specilication', and represeut, in-

Figure 1', a side View vofa chandelier-'suspended Figure 2, avpartial section ofarchandelier.

Figui-e3, a vertical section of the weights; and'in Figure 4,v a detached riew of the lower portionA of the chandelier.

rj his invention relates more particularly to the construction `of that class of chandeliers to which are attached lamps 'for burning oils, 'o r other than gas, the object beng'to construct the chandelier so that it' may be taken to pieces, packed, for transportation, into a small` compas's,fand,A when required, may be easily read-'i justed; also in an'appara'tusfor suspending chandeliers, made adjustable, so that the same apparatus may be p used forchandeliers of diere'ntweights. And the invention consists in constructing the base or body'of the chandelier so that arms mayx b` e locked therein by'bolting the parts of the body together; also in the construction of a hollowcase, provided with a bolt passing through its centre, to holdA the-two parts ofthe case together, y

audso that, by the removalo'l one part, the weights may be placed within thecase, to adjust to the proper weight for the chandelier.

To enable others to'fully understandmy invention, I will proceed to describe the same, as illustrated in` the accompanying drawings.

l A is theibody of the chandelier, which consists of the lower part, B, 4with the flange A extending up'therefrom, and overwhich a plate, Q, is fitted, and so that a belt, a, passed down through the plate C and part B, into the nut D, -the said bolt beingl increased in size above the plate C, so as to form e. shoulder thereon, the plate C will be'firmlyheld down upon the upper edge ofthe ilang'eA, asse-en 'n-ig. 2.

The ilauge A isprovid'ed, at the proper points, with notches d (see iig. to receive the shank of the arms E, the said arms beingjformed at their'inner ends solas te lock into 'thenotches datf, as seen in lig. '4. The" Aarms and notches `are constructed so as' to form a lock or dove-tail joint, yso that, when pressed t'o a bearing, they will he hrm in their position. Therefore, when the armsareplaced into the notches inftlie flange, andthe plate C firmly bolted thereon, the Varms are securelyheld in position, and the whole chandelieris'of-the tirmest possible construction.

If an even numherofarms, as two, four, or six, are used, opposite arms'may be forniedin a single piece,-

and extend across through the 'flange A, the'y being formed at the centre so as to overlie each other, and set in the proper position. I think, howeverfthe single arm to be the preferable manrier of construction.

The upper end of the bolt or roda is proyided for suspensiondn 'any convenient manner; but for the adjust? ment of ehandeliers'of'diil'er'ent heights, I arrangeat the .ceiling a base, li, into which I tix two or more arms G G, in like manner-'as` the arms of theehandelier are fixed, as before des'cribedi and in the outer end of 'each of the arms G, -I arrange'a pulley, Z1, over which, from thechandelieig I extend cords` or chains c and to the endet' each cord I attach weight, constructed in the' following manner, and as seen in fig. 3:

II is the lower'part of a hollowv case, and I the 'upper part, of any convenient form or'design.' Through i `the two parts I pass a bolt, Ii, into a nut, N, at the bottom, the upper end of, the boltheing provided with a head, so as, by means `ot` the nut N, to secure the two parts firmly together, and also provided with `a convenient means of attachment to the end of the cord c.

- To adjust the weights so as to balance the4 chandelier, remove the upper part, I, and'place within the caste Y one or more of theweights P, as seen infig. 3, the said weights being constructed so as to conform, from the 'reses 2 lower end of the ca-se upward, to the shape of the case. The requisite number of these Weights having been placed within the cese, replace'the cap, and bolt the parte together, as before described. y

I do not wish to be understood as broadly claiming the arrangement of the pulleysabove the chandelier,

over which weights are suspended, es: snob I know to be old; but

What I do claini as new'and'nsefuL' and desire to secure by Letters Potent, is- 1. The ange A, combined with the parts B and C, and constructed so as to receive and hold the arms E, substantially in the manner deserbed.

2. The arrangement oftheVV pulleys b upon their arms G, when 'the said arms lOre secured in the Base, F,v

substantially in the manner andfor the purpose set forth. v

S Theweigllt, consisting ofthe two parts of the case, H and'gsecured together by the bolt Lend nut N, und provided with adjusting-weights?, substantially in the manner herein set forth.


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