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Publication numberUS784098 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1905
Filing dateJun 18, 1904
Priority dateJun 18, 1904
Publication numberUS 784098 A, US 784098A, US-A-784098, US784098 A, US784098A
InventorsWalter S Beazley
Original AssigneeWalter S Beazley
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Dental root-extractor.
US 784098 A
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No. '784,098- PATENTED MAR. 7, 1905. W. S. BEAZLEY.



r (lnvau for a5;

Patented lVlfarcll '7, 1905.

DEN-rai. nnor-lex'rnnerom SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 784,098, dated March 7, 1905.

Application filed June 13, 1904. Serial No..2l3,169.

To n/ZZ who/11, 'lit ','umtg/ concern:

Be it known that l, VVALrrnR S. BnAZLnY, a citizen of the United States, residing at Lancaster, in the county oi' Garrard and State of Kentucky, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Dental Root-Extractors, oi' which the following is a specilication.

Thisinvention relates generally to dental instruments, and more particularly to one 'for extracting' the roots of broken teeth without the use of forceps or the laceration of the surrounding tissues; and with this object in View my invention consists, essentially, in the employment ot one tube sliding1 within another, the inner tube being' provided with legs having padded Feet which rest upon the adjacent teeth, the outer tube having' a bar connected thereto which slides iu the inner tube, said bar carryingl a hooked rod which is adapted to engage the eye of a screw which is screwed into the root to be extracted, the inner and outer tubes being provided with handles which are adapted to be brought together for the purpose ot' drawing' the hooked rod up into the inner tube, thereby extracting' the root.

rlhe invention consists also in certain details of construction hereinafter `fully described, and pointed ont in the claims.

ln the drawings forming a part of this specilication, Figure l is a perspective view oi' an instrument constructed in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 is a side View oi: the same in process ot' operation. Fig. 3 is a vertical sectional view. Fig'. 4t is a detail sectional view taken through the lower end oi' one of the leg's and showing the rubber foot or pad arranged in the shoe.

ln carrying out my invention l employ a tube A, which may be ot' any desirable Inaterial and which has a handle B connected to the upper end thereof by means of a bolt B', passing' through the handlel B into a plug B2, iitted tightly in the upper end oi" the tube A. ',lhe lower end oi' the tube A is enlarged or or formed with a collar A', and from which extend the legs C, which diverge slightly at their lower ends and are provided with cupshaped shoes or sockets D, in which the rubber pads E are inserted, said rubber pads or feet being' a sniicient distance apart to straddle the root which is to be extracted and bear upon the next adjacent teeth, as most clearly shown iu Fig'. 2.

F indicates a tube slidingl upon the tube A., and connected to this tube F is a round bar (i, which slides within thc tube A, said bar (i and tube lil being connected by means ot a bolt l'l, which passes througl'i the tube F and bar (nl and works in the longitudinal slots l, produced in thc tube A, and a coilespring K is arranged within the tube A and bears at its upper end upon the plug' lli2 and at its lower end upon the bar (-l', the purpose ot said spring being' to nornlally throw the bar (i and tube F downwardly to the positions indicated in Figs. 2 and 3.

L indicates laterally-projecting liaxulles at- .tached to the tube l? and by means oi which said tube is caused to move upwardly upon the tube A, the handle B being' held in the palm ot the hand while the index and middle fingers are brought into engagement with the handles L, and by pulling upwardly upon said handles the outer tube and the bar G, connected therewith, are caused to move upwardly or toward the handle B.

A rod M is rigidly connected to the lower end ot' the bar G, the lower end oi said rod terminating' in a hook M, which is adapted to engage the eye i ot the bolt N, which is screwed into the root to be extracted, asniost clearly shown in Fig'. 2. After the hook has been made to engage the eye a gradual pull or pressure is exerted upon the handles L, as before stated, and the root can be quickly and easily extracted without the use oit Vforceps or without the laceration ot the surrouiuling' tissues, as it is obvious that there will be a straight and direct pull upon the root and that the bearing' or pressure will be exerted entirely upon the next adjacent teeth. i

l'laving thus Iully described my invention, what l claiin as new, and desire to secure In Letters Patent,

1. A dental instrumentoi" the kind described con'iprisil'ig an inner and outer tubeboth provided with handles, the inner tube having a bearing-support at its lower end, the outer tubevcarrying a bar terminating' in a hook at the lower end, said hook being adapted to engage a screw-eye, and means for returning the said parts to their normal positions.

2. A dental instrument of the kind described comprising an inner tube having a handle at its upper end and supporting-legs at its lower ends, said legs being provided with cushioned feet, an outer tube provided also with handles and having a bar connected thereto, said bar sliding within the inner tube and carrying a rod which terminates in a hook said hook being adapted to engage a screw-eye, and the spring for returning said parts to their normal positions.

3. A dental instrument of the kind described comprising' an inner tube having a handle at the upper end and the legs at the lower end, said l V ALTER S. BEAZLEY.

fitnessesz S. C. DENNY, J. F. RoBINsoN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61C3/14