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Publication numberUS784104 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1905
Filing dateOct 19, 1904
Priority dateOct 19, 1904
Publication numberUS 784104 A, US 784104A, US-A-784104, US784104 A, US784104A
InventorsCharles J Caley
Original AssigneeRussell & Erwin Mfg Co
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US 784104 A
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5. l u M w w @n Q 7 v R. my A ad! M a l m 66 N Jud E 11W 0u T W om A ,w m P L @am 0 w fs .u HW am, l? HM u BTO mm {www} LND .l,`1. ....NHN .SN CAT IN1 SM m P IIII P .III A lL f PatentedV Maren r, 190 5.


SPECIFICATONforrning part of Letters Patent No. 784,104, dated March 7, 1905.

Application filed October 19, 1904. Serial No. 229.078.

Beit known that LCHAnLns J. CALnY,a citi zen ot' the United States, residing at New Britain, in the county ot' Hartford, State ot' Connecticut, have invented certain new and useiul Improvements in Sash-Centers, of which the following is a t'ull,clear, and exact description. My invention relates to improvements in hardware, and particularly to a sash-center.

The object ol the invention is to provide a simple, durable, and eiicient device for serving as the pivotal center ot' a swinging sash or window-frame and which will serve to hold the sash in position when swung at differentv angles.

The invention consists in improvements the principles of which are illustrated in the accompanying single sheet ot' drawings.

The form illustrated consists of a pair ot' blocks adapted to be secured one to a stationary member and the other to the movable sash or frame member, together with a pair ot' springpressed corrugated members coperating between the blocks for giving a plurality ot' possible holding positions.

Figure l is a plan view ot' a device embodying the improvements of my invention. Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same. Fig. 3 is a vertical section taken on the plane ot' the line X X ot' Fig. l. Fig. 4 is a detail plan of one of the friction-plates. Fig. 5 is a similar view ot' a spring holding' member.

l and Q are blocks similarly formed, one of which is adapted to be secured to the stationary lframe or body ot' the window or sash open' ing and the other of which is to be securedto the sash or frame itself.

3 is a post or stud which is secured to one of the members, in this instance the block 1, and projects upwardly through the other block and has a screw-threaded portion. IThe blocks have cavities in their adjacent faces t'or housing and supporting the friction members.

4E indicates one ot' the friction-plates,which is corrugated. about its periphery, particularly as shown in Fig. 1i. This plate has one or more projections, as 5 5, which extend into recesses in the block l. llhe other Vfrictioning one another with their eorrugations properly coinciding. A plurality ol these corrugations is provided in order that there may be several stopping or adjusted positions ol the block.

To hold the blocks forcibly in engagement with one another and yet yieldingly, l have provided a pair of spring devices, particularlj1 as illustrated in Fig. 7 is the body ot the spring, which has preferably a plurality el' concentrically-arraliged arms 8 8 8, which are adapted to bear against the bottom o'lf the cavity in the block. Preferably two oi these spring devices are provided, one below and another, 9, above the 'Frictioirplates When the parts are assembled, they are held in place by the nuts l0 and 11.

12 is a washer which is preferably provided to prevent the nuts from working loose or intel-tering with the blocks when boing adjusted.

'.lhe pressure ol the springs may be varied by looseningl or tighte-aiing the nuts on the post 3.

.lt will be obvious tothose skilled in the art that niany changes oi constrtu-,tion may be made without departingl from the Ispirit or scope of my invention.

What l claim is 1. A, saslrcenter comprising the combination oil a pair ol similarlyformed pi voli-blocks having' recesses in their adjacent laces, a screw-threaded stud carried by one of said blocks and projecting throiiigh the other oli said blocks, a separately formed, springpressed, corrugated Vfriction-plate mounted in each ot' said recesses, and cured against rotationrelative to the respective blocks, and a clamping-nut carried by said stud lor the purpose specilied.

2. A sash-center comprising the combination of a pair of blocks having recesses in their adjacent faces, a spring-plate 7 having circuinferentially-arranged arms 8 and a corrugated friction-plate(mounted in each of said recesses for cooperation substantially as dcscribed.

3. A device of the character described comprising the combination of a pair of blocks pivotall y mounted with relation to one another and a pair ot' corrugated friction-engaging plates each separate from but inclosed by and adapted to remain stationary with relation to its corresponding block.

4. A device of the character described comprising the combination of a pair of blocks pivotally mounted with relation to one another and a pair ot' separate corrugated friction-engaging plates each adapted to remain stationary with relation to its corresponding block and two spring-plates for holding said corru gated plates in Contact With one another.

5. A device of the character described cornprising the combination of a pair of blocks pivoted with relation to one another and having recesses in their adjacent faces and separate spring-pressed corrugated means housed in said recesses for holding said blocks in any one of a plurality of denite angular positions.

Signed at New Britain,'Connecticut, this 15th day of October, 1904.


ritnessesr M. S. VVIARD, C. E. RUSSELL.

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