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Publication numberUS785229 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 21, 1905
Filing dateOct 28, 1903
Priority dateOct 28, 1903
Publication numberUS 785229 A, US 785229A, US-A-785229, US785229 A, US785229A
InventorsWilliam C Risbridger, Milton W Risbridger
Original AssigneeWilliam C Risbridger, Milton W Risbridger
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US 785229 A
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. To all whom't may Concern,.- v

and MiL'roi RIsBRiDGnn, citizens ofthe United. S'tatesijresiding' at. Cleveland, in the 5.

plosive-engines; l and vthe limprovements Con-"ff sist in the construction and arrangement of IS and mo're. particularly;'minted out:I in 4'thei j` fl '1 "tiyely, are Coredoutl Oneobjectfoftbis-inventiofis top'r'ovide'an* '.'engine of l-s'impleveonstruetiom wi th all parts f `2O provide housings forfthe Valves and journalsfor the crank-shaft. j-


which a 'compression or .mixing Chamberfis casing for the crank-shaft and connectingrods pistons.

WiLLiAM e. nisBniDeER 1 -LANnI Patented'March 21, 190.5.

AND MILTON: W. msnm-Denn, or



. SPEGIFIQATIQN forming para of Letters Patent No. 785,229, dated Marc 11 -'2i ,1`9o5.

Be itknown that We/V'ILILIAMC. RIsBRIDe'nI A county'of Cuyahoga and Sta-te of Ohio, have' invented certain new and'useful Improvements in Explosive'Eng'ines; and we do declare thatY the following is a full, clear, and exact descripf; Y

tion of the invention` Iwhich Willenableothersskilled in the-art to which ill'ltains te` f l make anduse thesame. f O r invention relates to im provenients in e'X-.

parts, substantially as', shown and descifled,y

perfectlyjbal-aneed 4t'ofobta'inf free and easy runningk and o red` ce'- the vibrationand jarto` a' it vvarious grades of mixtures for gaseous'iiuids. It' Another object is to providea centra-l head for supporting'a set offoyliiiders and 'Within formedand-Which head is castiin one piece to Another object isfto Iprovide an inelosing`- adapted to contain oilfor lubricating the Crank'- shaft, valve-gears, vpis'ton'sg-and eylinders,fall of which are open thereto.- Y.

A. further object vis `to"p'ro'viole the pistons with a novel form of annu-lar grooyestocar-ry the oil inward upon the inward travel ofthe `Figure l is a vertical sectionalelevation takeno'n line a? af, Fig. 2.. Fig.2 is a longitudinal-seeti'onal elevationin plan 'on lineg/y, Figlfl, showing the staggered relation of the cylinders and -pistons therein.v Fig. 3 is a Censaid'ihambersra `inletand eXhau 1903. -seriaiNo-L 173,922.

and operating'meehanismf-jleading"from the and 4suitable suppl elves .n 64. open and cios'efports leading' @jehtmg from@ osjlte faces posed,'instaggenedfrela an".4 He'adfA i'sfnrovided apV G atj its top; anfd'a 'iias' is formed-f therein whitn- Y ssa'gfeni'nfA "'1" derelithe 'l Each Valve is operated .by as eparate -limef'ofA geared ymechanism;whichiSd-riveli from shaftl splashed about by the rotation lof the cranks. The mechanism for each yvalve isidentieal; eX-' cept that the partsare vset*indifferentrela'- tio'n-to open and Aclose jthe'valves in-their proper 'time and place, and thereore'the same reference-letters will apply vto each'.`- 'A set ',of-e in'ions [1 0 are mounted4 up'o'n or. cut upon `7 at 'eachv sidev'vithin` compartm ent6', alllof "1' ,which isOpen-and -exposeditothe oil as itis l .85*

sha t 7 ',and each pinion' meshes withagear` lL-supported upon a stud 12, jouinaledinthe sides of headv A.' A cam 13- isrigidly-aiixed 'i to gear l1 and engages pivoted har-14, which bar rests 'upon the top 'edge of the cam and is always in contact with the lower end of thev l angle to each other, as seen in' Fig. l, in or- Steins of valves 5 and G, which Contact is maintained by coll-springs bearing upon a washer on the stems.

valve-stems 5 andv 6 are pivoted at 27 upon sultable lugs 28, rlgld or integral with cylinders B.

Jr`Head A and cap (l are cored. out in a suiti `able manner to provide unter-passages which open into the water-jacket der B. An ignitcr D of any suitable construction 1s of each cylinscrewed through the center of cap C and projects into conipression-clmmber C at a point above central passage l` in the head.

Each piston E has a threaded rod 18 pivotally engaged at its inner end with bracket 19, and

.an arm 2() is pivotally mountedat the outer and lower end of the pistons andv is adju'st'ably connected with rod 18 b v means of nuts 21. The lower end of arm 20. below pivot 22 is connected with the-cranks of the crank-,shaft by connecting-rods'23 within compartment'. Arm 20 projects through slot 24' at the bottom of cylinder B, and this slot-runs back substantially one-half the length of cylinder or as far back as the travel of the piston requires. It Will be understood that the same grade or quality of gasolene or gaseous fluid is not a-lways obtainable in different partsot the country or even 1n the same sections at times, and

it is a very desirable advantage to have an en- 1 ginewhich canzbeadaptedto different makes and grades of combustible products in order to get the best working results from the engine. We therefore have provided an adjustable connection for the pistonwhereby any` degree of compression can be obtained within the cylinder'. Withourdevice adjustment of the piston can be effected at any time, as nuts 21 are accessible at all times through the-open end of the cylinder and piston. 'It will be understood that with our construction a' rigid -connection with the pistons for vconnecting rods v23 isobtained. Slot 24 inthe cylinder permits a certain amount of oil to go through the same and come in contact with the bottom of each piston as the oil is thrown aboutr through .the revolution f thecrankfshaft. In order that the lubricating-oil be carried inward withinthelcylinders, we` provide a se.- ries of annular grooves Ior channels 25 between the packing-rings 26 of Athe pistons'.

The vpeculiarity of groove 25 consists in its'V'- shaped'for'mation and. which in, detail corn-` prises .a substantially vertical face and an inclined face leading ,from.-tl1`e' bottom of the' vertical face in a direction toward thecenter l der that a more director line thrust from the -eranks to the piston-arni- 21) be obtainable.'

Actuating-arms 14 for cylinders and a-lzupport therefor, a centrallycentral supporting member I provide ln operation thc explosive niixtureis drawn in past valve 5 by the outward travel of the pistons, and upon their return said mixture is compressed within chamber C andpassage a, whereupon ignition occurs through ignitcr l), which is controlled or timed to act by suitable mechanism. (Not shown.) The explosion and expansion of gases now acts equally upon 4 both pistons Band drives them outward, and

upon their return the waste products are expelled through exhaust-chamber 3. `\Ve vprefer to use a pair of' fly-wheels 16, one at either side of the'engine upon crank-shafti', to more equally balance the structure as a wholevand to provide a freer running of the engine. vAll vibration and jar are `practically eliminated when an explosion occurs, because theforce '85 'of the explosion is equally expended upon the oppositely-'movin'g pistons and the parts are running in balance at all times. What we claim is f L 1. IneXplosive-engines, a hollow central supporting-head and'wat'er-chamber provided with opposite-walls forming the innerends of the explosion-chambers, and a cylinder at either side of said central head closed against ,j


m5' at their outer ends and provided with a slot l' at their lower and outer portions, pistons fori said"cylinders, a centrally-arranged crank- .jshaft between said :pistons, and connectingy rods and parts therefrom to said pistons con, 'structed and arranged to travel bodily back 4 and forth with said pistons and connecting-5 rods, said rods arranged on converginglines with said cylinders and' vsaid parts adapted to travel and be guided within said slots.

3. I n explosive-engines, the combination of' a pair ofcylindersxoppositely disposed and la;

wit walls forming'theinner heads for said cylinv ders, and a cross-passage between said cylinders in said supporting member, a water-chamber surrounding-said cross-passage, a remov- .able cap upon'said member havlng' a port open to s aid A,passage and provided with a waterpassageopen to said chamber, an inlet and ex- 'haust valve mounted in said port, pistons for said cylinders and a crank-shaft and connecting-rods to operatesame. Y 4.' -In engines, a set of oppositely-disposed I'zo Ufff

' f-slifon, said connections comprising the connecting-rods, and an arm pivota'ly supportedon the piston and" adaptec,A to travel bodily'with the piston and connectedat one endwith the connetingrods and iat theother'end adjustably connected :by'fa-thieaded partwith the piston`.,.` said arm-forming' a-rigid 'apart of said piston Whenadjiisted.

o. Inl enginesg'a set lof opposfitelydisposed dvlinders and 4pistons therein Water-jackets for said cylinders, a separate central supporting member for said cylinders having innerheads therefor t and provided with' a central wvatcrfchaniber open to said water-jackets, an inlet and outlet valve in the top of said membier for both cylinders, a crank-shaft at the bottom of said member, an adjustable 'arin operatively Connected with each piston and form\ ing a rigid part thereof when adjusted,v and eonnectingrods engaging said arms and crankshaft. i

said armf 691 @nemesithe cylindefsrvide@,with slots at their bottom, a Crilnk-Shafkpistons 'Within said cylinders and an'arminounted upon'iix ad justaloly connected with each piston, means to adjust lthe piston in respect to said. arm and fix thecompression-space, and-a connecting-rod between said crank-shaft and 7.In engines, acentral supporting-head-1 having oppositely-inclinedfaces, a set ofcylinders 'mounted at .right angles to saidfaees andpistons .in said cylinders.,A a crank-shaft supported in the .bottom offsaidhead, slots within said cylinders and arms mounted upon said pistons and adaptedto travel within said slots and connecting-rods for said cranks and arms.

Witness our hands to the foregoing specification this Sd' day of Octber, 1903.



" Vlitnesses:



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