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Publication numberUS787320 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 11, 1905
Filing dateSep 17, 1904
Priority dateSep 17, 1904
Publication numberUS 787320 A, US 787320A, US-A-787320, US787320 A, US787320A
InventorsJames B Arthur
Original AssigneeJames B Arthur
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US 787320 A
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PATENTED APR. ll, 1905.



:lllllllllI-IIIII'IH UNITED STATES Patented April 11, 1905.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 787,320, dated April 11, 1905. Application filed September 17, 1904. Serial No. 224,782.

To all whom, rit may concern:

in like numerals of reference indicate like Beitknown that l, J AMES B. ARTHUR, acitiparts throughout the several views, in which Zen of the United States of America, residing Figure l is a side elevation of my improved at Pittsburg, in the county of Allegheny and weight. Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view 5 State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain taken on the line a' .fu of Fig. l. Fig. 3 is a 55 new and useful ln'iprovernents in Weights, of top plan view of my improved weight. Fig. which the following is a specification, refcr- 4 is a transverse sectional view taken on the ence being had therein to the accompanying line z/ r/ of Fig. 2. Fig. 5 is a plan View of drawings. one of the weight sections or elements. Fig.

TO This invention has relation to weights, and 6 is an edge view thereof. Fig. 7 is a plan 6o more particularly to that type of weight which view of another of the weight sections or eleis employed upon scales, balances, and the ments, and Fig. 8 is an edge view thereof. like; and this invention has for its object to To put my invention into practice, l emprovide a variable weight wherein a plurality ploy as a base for the several weight sections I5 of weights are combined, novel means being' or elements a disk-shaped basel, having 65 provided for retaining two or more of these formed integral therewith a vertical tube or weights together in a compact form. stem Q, this stem, as it will be hereinafter Another object of this invention is to distermed, being formed centrally within the pense with the numerous weights heretofore base l, and the upper end of said stem is inused in connection with scales, and in the teriorly screw-tlneaded, as designated at 3, 7o place of employing separate weightsl embody and in said screw-threaded end is adapted to the same in one weight of such aconstruction be secured a depending screw-threaded porthat different parts of said weight may be retion 4 of a cap 5, said cap being provided moved at any time, while the other parts therewith an integral knob 6, whereby the same of will be retained as one weight, this conmay be readily removed or placed within the 75 struction facilitating the ready handling of stem 2. The base, its stem, and the cap conthe weight and preventing the numerous sepstitute a major weight and serve as a holding arate weights heretofore used from becoming member for the fractional weights or weight lost. elements constituting minor weights.

lt is a well-known fact that in finely-ad- The reference-numeral 8 designates a plu- 8o justed scales for obtaining the fractional part rality of fractional weights or weight eleof an ounce aplurality of minute weights are ments, these weights being formed of rings employed, and in scales of this character conof equal diameter, but ot' varying thicknesses, siderable trouble has been experienced in the and each ring is adapted to representa specilic 3 5 small weights becoming lost and considerable amount of weight, as an ounce or more or the 8 5 time being lost in the handling of the same. fractional part of an ounce, and the inner di- The prescntinvcntion contemplates the proameters of the rings, as illustrated in Figs. 5 vision of novel means for retaining two or to 8, inclusive, conform to the outer diameter more of the weight-sections in a compact form, of the stem 2, whereby these rings, which com- 40 and to this end I have provided a novel form prise the fractional weights or weight ele- 90 of weight-sections which may be readily sements, may be placed upon the stem and be cured together to form one weight, and the secured thereon by the cap 5. rlhis is clearly construction employed to accomplish this reshown in Figs. l and 2, wherein the stem 2 sult, together with the minor details entering and the base l are shown as supporting and into-the same, will be hereinafter more fully retaining a plurality of fractional weights or 95 described, and specifically pointed out in the weightI elements to the full capacity of the claims. stem.

In describing the invention in detail refer- Myimproved weight is particularly adapted ence is had to the accompanying drawings, for use in connection with scales for weighing forming a part of this application, and wherebread and like substances, and when so used 100 each one of the weight elements 8 is adapted to represent the fractional part oi an ounce, and it' it be desired to increase the weight of' a loaf ol bread one of the rings 8 is placed upon the stem 2. and secured thereon by the cap but shouldit be desired to decrease the weight of the loaf the cap is removed and one of the rings removed from the stem 2. It will of course be understood that the base l, the stem 2, and the cap 5 are of a given weight known to the operator of the scales, and these parts are adapted to be made of such a material that their combined weight will represent an ounce or pound, it it be so desired, and that the weight elements used may be oi such denominations that the use ot' such weights upon the stem 2 will increase the weight of the base l three or four times, as may be desired. lt will thus be seen that a novel form of weight is provided which may be varied to the ditlerent weights desired and that when one or more ot' the weight elements have been employed they will be retained in a compact form and be prevented from becoming disengaged from one another.

The many advantages of this construction will be apparent to those skilled in the art of using scales, and while l have herein shown the base for the fractional weights or weight elements as being eapableof supporting a few weight elements I wish it to be understood that this base may be of such dimensions as to support and retain a greater number ot weight elements than shown in the accompanying drawings, andv besides altering the dimensions of the same l may make. other slight changes without departing' from the general spirit and scope ol my invention.

Having lully described my inventiolnwhat l claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. A weight comprising' a base and a vertical stem portion, a plurality of rings mounted upon said stem portion, and a screw-threaded cap secured in the end ot' the stem for retaining said rings thereon.

2. A movable weight comprising a base, a vertical stem and a cap on said stem, constituting a major weight, and a plurality o'l separable weight elements in the 'lorm of rings of different weight removably mounted on the stem and retained in position thereon by said cap.

3. A composite weight comprising a major weight and minor weights, said major weight being' composed ol a fiat base, a hollow vertical stem and a cap screwing into said stem and extending beyond the sides thereol and said minor weights consisting of' rings adapted to lit over said stem and to be retained in position thereon by said cap.

ln testimony whereotl l allix my signature in the presence oli' two witnesses.



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