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Publication numberUS78881 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1868
Publication numberUS 78881 A, US 78881A, US-A-78881, US78881 A, US78881A
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US 78881 A
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TO ALL WHM IT MAY CONGERN x Be it known thatI, H. W. LIBBEY, M. D., cf Cleveland, in the county of Cuyahoga, and State of Ohio, have Y invented certain new and useful Improvements in Mammiferous Forms for Nursing; and I do hereby declare that the following is a. full and complete description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making a partofthi's specification, in whichee-4 Figure l is a front view of the forms.

Figure 2 is a. viewl of the inner side..

Figur-e3 is a transversesection.-

Figure 4 is a detached section.

Like letters of reference refer to like'parts in the -views.

In g. 3`, A represents a convex disk, which may be constructed of'metal, porcelain, or of any other suitable material. To the inner margin of this disk, at the point a, is tightly connected a convexside or disk, B, consisting of a similar material. and provided with a central opening, C, also with a marginal opening, D, fitted with afscrew-cap, a. Between -these two disks is a chamber orcell, E, for holding the lacteousluid. F is an elastic covering, secured to the cxtreme edges of the/disk as follows:

. The verge of each disk, beyondxthe point of union, is spread outward, forming a. groove, b. The edges oi' the elastic covering referred to, when laid upon the disk, drop over the groove, which is luted with some elastic varnish or other tenacious material. On and around, the edges of the covering is then laid a piece of tope, a cord is thenv bound tightly around, 'thereby pressing the covering and tape down into thcrgroov'e.

The whole is by this means made permanently secure and air-tight. i i

G, tig. 3,' is a. mouth-piece or nipple, which may bc constructed of metal, ivory, or of any other material suitable for the purpose, but in this case I propose to use soft rubber or a covering of rubber, whereas 'the-inner part ,may be of. some harder material.

This nipple consists of acentral tube, H, the base of which is provided with a lange, 6. To the tube is screwed a shell or forni of the nipple, perforated with ne holes, as shown in fig. 1.v The manner 'of securing the covering to the tube is as follows: The tube referred t'o is inserted through the covering from the inside,

thereby bringing the broad ange to the rubber:y On the outer s i'de is then placed a washer, c,'down upon which the shell or form ref errcdto is screwed, thus clamping the covering between the ilange and washer, making a strong air-tight joint.

Tothc under side of the flange b is attached-an elastic tube, L'which is secn`to extend down into the lactle cell. This tube communicates with the space between the tube and shell, and through which the lacte-ous Huid is drawn fronrthe cell by the child,v itascending up around 4the tube H and out of the perforations.

The tube is for the purpose of inflating the elastic covering, which is done by applyingthe mouth to the nipple, the tube communicatingwith the space between the covering and disk by the small channel a', which conveys ithe impelled air to the inside of the covering, but which is prevented from esrcaping vby a valve, b', placed on the inner end of the channel. Y

By this it will be seen that the nipple is made to-pcrform two oiii'ces, viz, for the conveying out of the fluid, and for initiating the covering.

The peculiar advantages resulting from the use of this form is, first, its great convenience, as they are placed in a natural position'on the person, and secured thereto by the straps tlf, The child can therefore be held with'- out fatigue by the nurse, and comfortably to itself, no great eiiort being required to hold the child while nursing,V

vwhich can beheld by the nurse in a lying or sitting posture equally Well.'

-The Huid being placed 1`n the forms,'and near where it is kept at all times warm and of easy access, thereby v(avoiding the necessity of tvarming the food by artificial means, and the nipple'be'ing made of soft elastic mate,-

rial, and the whole surface inflated, it is atonce soft 4and agreeable to theA touch of the child, and, being padded 'with some soft material, it is easy and gentle to -the wearer.

The central and marginal openings C D,rofcrred to, are for the purpose of givin'g access to the cell,'for filling; cleansing, 871e., and by means of the el i v taken up from the olter edges of "the chamber. l

` What claim as my improyement, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, s

1. The disk A'B, provided with central and marginal openings C D, for-the purpose speced.`

2. The elastic covering l?1 in combinationY with the disks A B, for. the purpose set forth.

3. The tube H, shell G, valve b', and elastic tube I, all constructed and arranged to operator 4and for the purpose substantially as set forth. Y

l H. W. LlBBEY, M. D.

n the manner Witnesses:

-J, H. BURRIDGE, J. Homns.-

astio tbe', reaching far into the chamber, the fluid is thereby all

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