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Publication numberUS790217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 16, 1905
Filing dateApr 13, 1904
Priority dateApr 13, 1904
Publication numberUS 790217 A, US 790217A, US-A-790217, US790217 A, US790217A
InventorsHarlie A Mason
Original AssigneeHarlie A Mason
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Table attachment for bedsteads.
US 790217 A
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l Nor/90,217. PATENTE-MAY 16, 1905. H. A. MASON.


I @W I v tboznut UNITED STATES Patented. May ie, ieee.

Paiaixirl Carica.


SP1'1CIIfICifL'JJI()N forming part of Letters Patent No. 790,217, dated'May 16, 1905.

' iippiitaiionfiieaiiprii13.1904. serrano. 202.952.

To all whom t 17a/ty concern.-

Beit knownthat I, HAnLrE A. MASON, a citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of illinois, have invented new and useful Improvements in Table Attachments for Bedsteads, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a support or table attachment for bedsteads having means for readily adjusting it over a bed against a wall. lwhen not in use or in a permanent position 'adjacent to a bed for'holdmg medicines, water,

&c., within easy' reach of a patient.`

The 'improved support or table is provided with extensions in the form of hinged leaves which are foldable thereover or projectable' tlherefrom to facilitate servingmeals or for .other purposes, or the table may be adjusted. n at an angle for advantageous use in supporting a book before apatient in a recliningposition.

The invention consists in the construction and arrangement of parts, which will be more fully hereinafter set forth.

In the drawings, Figure lis a perspective View of a part of a bed, showing the improved support or table attachment applied thereto.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of a portion of the attachment,showing the table member thereof reduced by infolding the leall lextensions thereof. Fig. 3 is an end elevation of the table arranged at an angle for reading purposes.

Similar numerals of reference are'employed to indicate corresponding parts in the several views. Y

A clamp is employed constructed to lit any Asize of bed-post and comprising two parts 2 and 3 with central enlargements of circular contour and end extensions having bolt-holes therethrough to re ive oppositely-disposed pairs of clamping-bolts-4, provided with thumb-nuts 5 to, facilitate ready application and removal of thel clamp as an entirety. A shank 6 extends centrally from one of the clamp members and has an arm -7 adjustably supported thereby through the inediun of a pivot-pin 8, provided with a clamping-nut 9. rlhe arm 7 may be adjusted at diifercntangles with respect to the shank 6, and terminally pivoted thereto is an arm extension 10, havingv a4 similar extension 11 terminally pivoted thereto. The extensions 10- and 11 are adjustable with the arm 7, and the arm 7 is tension 11 is a bore or socket-opening 12 to adjnstably support a table 13 having a plate 14 secured to the under side of the center thereof, with a depending leg 15. Projecting from the leg 15 and plate 111 at an angle of about' seventy-live degrees is a second leg 16, the twosaid legs being integral with the plate, as well as directly integral with each other, for the purposes of strength and convenience o1 manufacture. as well as to furnish a centrai support for the table in either position to which the same vmay be adjusted with reference to the socket 12. When the leg 15 is in the bore or socket 12, the table 13 will be held in horizontal position; but when the leg 16 is inserted in the bore the table will be disposed at an angle forconvenience in supporting a book or other reading matter before a patient in reclining position. .Each of the legs 15 and 16 is readily insertible in and removable from the boreor socli'et 12, and when placed therein the table may be rotated or turned, if desired.

The table has opposite end leaves 17 hinged thereto and of such length as to cover the table when iiifolded against thc top of the latter, the leaves being provided with moldings or rest devices '18 for holding a book, paper, or other article when the table is disposed at an .angle for reading purposes. When the leaves .18 are extended, a table-surface of considerable length is provided for convenience in serving food or meals to a patient or for other purposesg By moving the extensions 10 and 11 together and over the arm 7 the projection of the attachment is materially reduced and may be maintained in close relation to the head erp.. other part of a bedstead or other devieeffmeans for medicines and the like.

The attachment can also be. employed in connection with reading-chairs, and the proportions and dimensions thereof may be varied at will to accommodate different applications.

.lt is proposed to make all the parts of the attachmentof such materials as may be best adapted for the purpose and also to ornament the arms, extensions, and clamp by plating or other embellishment. Furthermore, the table, Witl its leaves, may be also ornamented as desire I Having thus fully described the invention, what is claimed as new is An attachment of the character specified comprising an arm provided with clamping means at one end, an extension movably secured to the opposite end of the arm and formed with a socket, a table, a plate secured centrally of the table, a leg arranged centrally of and projecting at right angles from said plate, and a second leg projecting at an angle from and secured to the first-mentioned leg contiguous its juncture with the plate, each of said legs being arranged for engagement with the extension-socket.

In testimony whereof Iafiix my signature in presence of two `Witnesses.

i HARLIE A. MASON. Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationA47B57/04