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Publication numberUS792631 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1905
Filing dateAug 24, 1904
Priority dateAug 24, 1904
Publication numberUS 792631 A, US 792631A, US-A-792631, US792631 A, US792631A
InventorsFrederick W Taylor
Original AssigneeFrederick W Taylor
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US 792631 A
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' F. w. TAYLOR.




' using my improved club. Fig. 2 is an eleva-v Patented June 20, 1905.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0. 792,631, dated June 20, 1905. 7

Application filed August 24, 1904. Serial 110,221,937.

To all whom it may concern;

Be it known that I, FREDERICK W. TAYLOR, a citizen of the United States of America, residing in the city and county of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Golf- Clubs, of which the followingris a true and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form a part thereof.

M y invention relates to golf-clubs, and particularly to that variety of golf-club known as a putter, my object being to provide a putter which will enable the strokes made with this club in the game of golf to be made with the greatest accuracy. The leading feature of-my invention consists in providing a putter the shaft of which is provided with two arms diverging from its center line in such a way that these arms or portions of them are adapted to rest against both of the players arms when the shaft or with the hole into which it is desired to place the ball. This and other details of my invention will be best understood. as describedin connection with the drawings, in which they are llustrated, and in which Figure 1 represents a player in the act of Lion of the club; Fig. 3, a perspective rear view of the club head and shank, and Fig. 4 a plers liective front view of the club head and s am A indicates the head of the club, and A strongly-marked lines placed on the top of the head of the club at its center line, 'so as to be ilbllllll full view of the player when using the c u B is the shank or ferrule of the club, connected with the back of the'club through its curved end B, so that the shank extends from the back of the club-head outwardly and up player and the head of the ward 1y, leaving the club-head and its mark A fully exposed to the players vision.

0. is the shank of the club, which, asshown, is at some distance from the club-head, forked into two arms C C, these arms again being provided with outwardly-extending arm-rests C D in Fig. 1 indicates the hole in the golfground, and the player illustrated in this figure shows one of the attitudes of the player using my club to put with, the player grasping the shank or its extensions at an intermediate point while the arms 0 C or their extensions (1 0 rest against his arms. The motion in this case in using the club is a swinging motion of the arms from the shoulders in and out,

the shank and head of the club moving like a pendulum between the players legs, while the line or center spot A is directly in the players vision, enabling him to aline or set his club during its swinging motion and before it comes in 'contact with the ball.

Having now described my invention, what 1 claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A golf-club having a shaft provided with two arms diverging from its center line and adapted to rest against both arms above the hands of the player.

2. A golf-club having ahead-provided with a shank extending outwardly and upwardly from its back in combination with a shaft secured to said shank'and provided with two arms diverging from the center line of the shaft and adapted to rest against both arms above the hands of the player.

3. A golf-club having a head provided with a shank extending outwardly and upwardly from its back and having a clearly-marked center spot on its top, in combination ,Wltl] a shaft secured to said shank and provided with two arms diverging from the center line of the shaft and adapted to rest against both arms above the hands of the player. 1

4. A golf-club having ashaft C, divided into diverging arms C, C, which arms are provided with outwardly-extending arm-rests C C at their upper e ds.



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