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Publication numberUS793756 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1905
Filing dateMar 3, 1905
Priority dateMar 3, 1905
Publication numberUS 793756 A, US 793756A, US-A-793756, US793756 A, US793756A
InventorsWilliam W Williams
Original AssigneeWilliam W Williams
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Pneumatic arm-rest for bookkeepers or writers.
US 793756 A
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No. 793,756- PATENTED JULY 4:, 1905n W. W. WILLIAMS,



aiirieio S'rariee Patented July t, 1905.

SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 793,756, dated July 4, 1905. A li ati [11 l March 3, 1905. fs'erial N0. 248,34t1.

To ml] who/It it may concern:

Be it .known that I, WILLIAM W. WIL- 'LIAMs, a citizen of the United States, residing at Appleton, in the county of ()utagamie and State of W isconsin, have invented a new and useful .l mprovement in Pneunnitic Arne .tests for Bookkeepers or VVritei-s, of which the ilollowing is a specification.

lvfy invention relates to a cushioned support for the arm of a writer, which is to he detaclutbly secured to the arm at a point about midway between the wrist and elbow; and it consists of a receptacle or eushioru cover of a material that is impervious to air, rubber being a desirable material, it being preferably of a round form, although a variation from that form is within. the scope of my invention, the receptacle being adapted. for being filled with air for producing a cushion and arranged for being detachably secured to the under side of the arm for supporting it so that the writer can move the arm easily in any direction, and thereby relieve the muscles of the arm of the tension under which they are in writing.

My improvement is shown in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a plan of the armrest. Fig. 2 is an edge view of the arm-rest after it has been inflated. Fig. 3 is a vertical section across the rest upon the line (L a of Fig. 1 and showing the front half; and Fig. 4 is an elevation showing the arm of a writer below the elbow having the inflated rest or cushion attached to said arm, the latter figure being upon a smaller scale than the others.

Similar numerals indicate like parts in the several views.

1 indicates the armrest; 2, cars to which a fastening 1neans-such as an elastic, strings orstraps and buckle, or hook and eye-can be secured by sewing or otherwise for securing the cushion. upon the arm of the user. It

may be worn in or outside of the coat-sleeve, as the user finds most convenient and desirable 1n the work before him, its useful-- ness being substantially the same in either case.

3 indicates an aperture for tln admission of air, 4- a nozzle, and 5 a screw-cap for closing the aperture through. the receptacle and nozzle, the latter being held within the projection 6 of the cushion and through which. the aperture 3 extends, the part 4 being supplied with screwthrea(ls 7 for engaging corresponding threads in the cap 5.

R ind ieates a table or desk top above which the arm f) of the writer is supported upon the rest or cushion 1, the cushion being secured upon the arm by means of the elastic l0 and the writer having in. his hand 11 a pen 12.

By the use of this rest, made in the form of a bag which when inflated presents its two opposite sides of a similar and convex form, which is adapted for use either side up and, the arm is supported at a single point and can be easily and freely moved in any direction-forward, backward, or to the right or left-w.ith the least possible exertion of the muscles, and thereby relieving the arm of the constant strain upon the muscles when not so supported, and, furthermore, when through using it at any time :an be deflated. and placed in the vest-pocket.

Having described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

The cmnhinathm inv a pneumatic arm-rest for bookkeepers and writers, of a bag fm'med of a pliable material that is impervious to air, an aperture through which the bag may be inflated, mea'i'ls for closing said aperture, and the two opposite sides of the bag being of such form that when inflated, they present similar shaped, and convex surfaces, upon which the arm of the user can he supported, with the bag either side upward, sub stantially as described.


i tnesses U JouN l. Snm yn, Ti 1 no] )OSIA .lvlett'n'. LU M.

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