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Publication numberUS793863 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1905
Filing dateMar 1, 1905
Priority dateMar 1, 1905
Publication numberUS 793863 A, US 793863A, US-A-793863, US793863 A, US793863A
InventorsHenry F Vogel
Original AssigneeSt Louis Car Co
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US 793863 A
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no, roasts.

Patented luly t, i905.


SPECIFICATIGN forming part of Letters Patent No. 793,363, dated l'uly 1I, 1905.

Application iiled March l, 1905. Serial No. 247,861.

To @ZZ whom, t may cori/cern:

Be it known that I, HENRY F. VOGEL, a citizen ot' the United States, residing in the lcity el St. Louis, in the State el Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Oar-Seats, et' which the iollowingis a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, :Forming part of this specilicatien.

1o My invention relates to the combination, with the back et a car-seat, et' a corner-hand hold ande hand-rod mounted in said handhold and supported above the seat-back, whereby either et' said members may be grasped by i 5 the hand of a passenger for support while standing in the aisle between the car-seats.

Figure I is a perspective view of one end of a ear-seat equipped with my improvement. I? ig. II is an enlarged longitudinal section 2O taken through the upper corner oi' the carseat back and the handheld applied thereto and showing the adjacent end ot' the hand-rod set into the handheld.

A designates one oil the ends et' a car-seat 2 5 upon which is supported the seat-cushion B.

C is the seat-back, having' its upper' corner D inclined with respect to its end and top edges.

Fitted to the corner ot' the seatback is a handheld that consists of the following portions: l is a grip portion that is :termed integral with a plate portion 2, that joins the grip portion at its lower end and is joined to the upper end et' the grip portion by a web 3.

.at the lower end of the handheld and extending beyond the junction of the grip portion and plate portion is an arm il, and at the upper end el the handheld and extending beyond the junction of the plate portion and 40 web 3 is an arm 5. rlhe grip portion Il terminates in a socket extension 6, that extends inwardly over the seat-back. rlhe handheld is secured to the seat-back by screws l', which are inserted through the plate portion 2 and the arms d and 5 and into the seat-back.

8 designates a hand-rod that extends in alinement with the top et the seat-back and which is provided at its forward end witha tenen 9,

that enters into the socket extension (i et' the handheld, whereby it is supported at an ele- 5C vation above the top of the seat-back sullicient to permit et the passage et' the lingers et a persons hand between the seat-back and the hand-rod in order that said rod may be grasped. The other end o'l'l the hand-rod is supported in 5 5 any suitable manner at the iar end et the seatback.

I am aware that it is not new to utilize upon a car-seat back either a handheld at the cerner et' the back er a hand-rod above the back, 6o and therefore do not herein claim either of said parts, broadly considered; but, se Yfar as I am aware, these features have not been combined so that the merits et both oiI them are secured upon a single seat-back. By the combining oil the coi-nonhandheld and the handrod suj'iporting means for the passengers are furnished that will accommodate the hands et' two or more passengers, whereas in the instance of using either the corner-haiulhold er 7C the hand-rod singly accommodation turnished for the hand el'I a single passenger only.

I claim as my invention*- l. The combination with a car-seat back, of a handheld secured to one of the upper cerners el? said seat-back and consistingl oi a plate portion, arms extending 'from said plate portion, a grip portion united te said plate portion, a socket extension-arm extending :from said grip portion; and a hand-rod litted to 8O said socket extension-arm, substantially as set .'liorth.

2. The combination with a car-seat back, ol a handheld secured to one et the upper cor ners of said seat-back, and consisting ot a plate portion, arms extending from said plate pertien, a web extending from. said plate portion, a grip portion united to said plate portion in part by said web, an extension socket-arm projecting from the junction ot' said grip portion 90 and web; and a hand-rod litted to said extensien socket-arn1, substantially as set forth.

IlElSlltY F. VOG-EL. In presence ol-- A.. Diekmann, llfl. O. hlnnrnr.

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Cooperative ClassificationB60N2/242