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Publication numberUS79436 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1868
Publication numberUS 79436 A, US 79436A, US-A-79436, US79436 A, US79436A
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Improvement in steam safety-valves
US 79436 A
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Patented June 30, 1868!.

M T f,

girth}: isms gate! ffinc w. H. BECHTEL, oi? PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA.

- Letter; Pdtent No. 79,435, dated Juice e0, 1868,


no ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I flBe it known that -I, W. H. BECHTEL, of Philadelphi5,,Pennsylvaniei, have inventedain Improved Safety- Valve; end I do" hereby declare the following-to be a fiill', clear, and exact description of the. seine. I

Myinventionconsists of'a safety-valve, constructed in the pecnliarmanner fully describe'd'hereafter, with the view of dispensing with theiusunl weighted lever, and employing arweight bearing directly on the valve, the s aid weight and valve being so well guided that they can be used on-locoinotive' and marine bo'ilers without fear of disarrangement and injury by being agitated and jarrecL' A further object of my invention is ,to prevent -nnanthorized parties from tampering-with the valve. A

Inorder to renable others skilled in the art to Inake and use myinvention, I willnow proceed to describeits constructionand operetion, reference beinghed to the accompanying drawing, which forms a. part of this speoi fic'ation', 'and in which' I I l I Figure 1- ise. vertical section of. my improved safety-valve. Figure 2, a, vertical section of the valve-chest. I Figure 3, a. hlanv iew; and I Figure 4 a -sectional plan fonthe line 1-2, fig. 1. Siiniler'letters refer to similar parts'throughout the several views. The base, A, oi the valve-chest'isfsecured to the boiler, and to the top of this base is sttcched'efccbing, B,

having at the top an opening, -b. I I I I I fh Vithin thebase, A is e. chamber, a, communicating with the steam-space of the bo ileme-nd in this chamber, end-forming part of the" base, is 'a. hollow cross-piece, d,'in which is in opening, zindon the edge of the latter is a bevelled sent-.fortbe-valve e, formed at the lowerend of the tube D. In the top of tl1e be-se, A, is 'an opening, on the edge of which is formed the seet,f, for a. valve, h, also formed on the tube D, beneatlra. collar, 6, on thelatter, which colla'r supports the annular weight E, ribs m on the tube projectihg into groovesvin the weight, ns'seenin fig. 4. I I v r These ribsm arcicnrried upwardshbovethe tube, and, projecting intorthe opening I) in the casing B, servev to guide andsteady the valve, the lower portion of which is guided by its ribs n, adapted to the opening in the top oithe base, A, and by projections q, adapted to the opening in the hollow cross-piece 0L A" horizontal spindle, Gr, 3, isnrrenged to turn in the edge of-the mouth b of thQcasinlg A, and on, this spindle is an arm,-. H, connected by a rod, i, to a central piece, 1), which is connected by webs to and forms a part of the tubular duplex valve. The spindle G is also furnished with anal-In, K, 'to which m'wy be attached a. cord, extending to; any convenient point, and enabling the ettendant engineer to raise the tub D at pleasure. K

It will observed that the vclve h is of larger diameter than the. valve e, and hence that the sweat-exposed to the pressure ofstezim is equal to the difl'crence between the areas of the two valves, the weight E'being deter; mined by the pressure of stenenwhich the boiler has to carry, and the extent of the difference between the areas of the sixid valves; I I I Y I i when the valve is elevated by an excessive pressure of steam, the-letter at once-escapes, o'ne volume into the hollow cross-piece d, and thence through the tube D and Inouth b of the casing, and the other volume through the opening in -the'top of the base, A, and thence though the ennuler space between the weight E and easing B, to the some mouth 6. I I I I I It will thus be seen-that a. slight elevation oi: the tube D willinsure the reedy escape of the steam through uninterrupted channels.- I I I I I I v.

- The valves may be so proportioned, as regards their respective areas, that a weight comparatively smell in bulk may be used, and this weight has a. direct bearing on the valve, instead of acting on the some throhgh the medium of a. lever, the objections to-whichare too well known to engineers to require explanation. I I

The tube D is so .well guided-,both shove and below, that my improved valve can be used on locomotive engines and marine boilers without anj fear of disarran gernentor deteriorstion of parts throughjsrs or shocks.

A pipe may be continued upwards from the mouth 6 of the easing to a height'which will prevent access to the valve, and frustrate all attempts to tamper with thesame.

I claim as my invention, and (lesi-r'e to secure by Letters Patent 1. The weighted tube D, with'its two valves, 6 and h', in combination with the hase, A, its chamber 00,1101- low cross-piece (Z, the within-described valve-seats f, and the easing]3,tl1e whole being constructed and arranged as and for'the purpose herein set forth.

2. The websor ribs on the tube D, adopted to the opening-b of thecasing B, as audio: the purpose herein set forth.

In combination with the tubular valve D, the spindle G, rod 1, and the arms H and K; for the purpose specified. v I

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence 0f two subscribing witnesses.



W A.'.SI.E'EL,


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Cooperative ClassificationA47J27/09