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Publication numberUS795434 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1905
Filing dateApr 17, 1905
Priority dateApr 17, 1905
Publication numberUS 795434 A, US 795434A, US-A-795434, US795434 A, US795434A
InventorsAbraham Gagnon
Original AssigneeAbraham Gagnon
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US 795434 A
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N0. 795,434v PATENTED JULY 25, 1905.




UNITED sTA'rEs PA ENT orr es,

- ABR AM 'GAGNON'," F E MVILL Q' MONTANA WBZEIfIICH a v Specification of Letters Patent.

I Patented July 25,1905;

mplication 515a April i -190 s; Serial No. 255.9%,

i-hpall whiimtzii-mayconcern;

Be it known that LABRAHAM GAGNoN, a citizen the-UnitedfStates; residing at Helm-,- v lle, 1n the county of Powelland'State of Montana,"have invented certain new and usefulImprovements fin Wrenc hes andl dohereby deq clare the followlngto be a full, clear, and exact descriptionof the invention,- such as will en-;

tains to'make'andnse the'same.

My mvention relates to improvements in ableothers skilledin the "art to whichi-t appertwrenches', andfmore par ticularly to devices of i 'whieh' is especially suitable for tightening or loosening bursor nuts on'binders'or other machines, where they re often locatedwhere they cannot'be readily reached by an ordi naryiwrench'.

Another object to provide a socket adapt-- edto-be-rotated by a ratchet and to receive a head of novel construction which may be deitachably connected thereto.

With the above; and other objectsin'view the invention consistsof "a stem" having oppositely-disp'osed series .of ratchet-teeth .se-

.cured thereto and each seriesbeingadapted .tovbe-engaged by pawl s pivoted to an oper'at-. lug-lever, L-The stem has a 'socket adapted to receive an extension formed at one end ot the head; towhich are pivoted oppositely-arranged jawshavinganeans for pressing them I normally apart. A' yoke surroundsthe jaws (and hasmeans for forcing them toward each other. v 7 a v The invention also consists of the. further .novel constructions andc'ombinations of parts hereinafter more fully described, and pointed out "in the claims. j

' Iii the accompanying drawings I have shownthe preferred-form of my invention.

In said drawings, Figurel is aperspective View of the wrench. Fig. 2'is a longitudinal section through the head and its jaws. and

having asocket 2 at one end provided with as .set-screw-3. A handle 4 is located at the other endof the stem and may be utilized for rotating said stern. Secured to the stem ata poiht between its ends are tootheddisks 5 and 6, the teeth of which are'oppositely disposed; and these disks-are located within a yoke '7', formed atlone end of an operatinglever v8. --.-Pivot-pins 9' extend through the yoke near opposite edges and mounted thereon are pawls 10, one of whichis'provid'edfor each toothed disk, The free ends .of these pawls are concave, as shown'at 11, and 'pro-' ject beyond the yoke "so as to form projections which may be conveniently engaged by the fingerof the operator; A bow-spring 12" is arranged within the yoke and-bears at-its endupon the pa'wls 10in such a manner. as to hold them normally in engagement with their respective disks, 'When, however, the 'paw'ls are swung backward from engagement with." the disks, they'areheld by-the spring.

The. socket 2 is. adaptedto receive a projeetion Bf-formed at one end of a head 14; and this projection can be locked in the socket by means of set-screw 3. Pivot-pins 15 extend-transversely through opposite portions of the-head and form bearingsvfor ears 16, 'which extend inwardly from oppositely-arranged similar jaws 17. These jaws may be of any desired length, and their free endshave' inward extensions 18, which arerecessed, as ,shown at 19, to receive the corners of burs orvnuts. 'The h'eadl l projects downward between the jaws 17 and has oppositely-extending yokes 20, formed integral therewith I and through which the jaws 17 extend. Each 7 which the movement of the jaw can be regu lated. Springs 22 are interposed between the head and jaws for the purpose of' holding said jawsnormally in contact with thesetscrews 21. t

4 When it; is desired to use this wrench, the jaws 17 are opened by screwing the set-screws 21 therefrom.- They are then placed with their recesses 19 upon opposite corners of the bur or nut to be tu rnedand are clamped thereon by means'of the set-screws 21.- When both of the pawls 1O simultaneously engage their disks 5 and 6, it is impossible to rotate hejaws except by swinging lever 8 in a circle. To utilize the ratchet mechanism,'it is necessary to disengage-one of thepawls from Lever 8 can then be swung 1n 'oneits disk. directiomso as to draw its operating-pawl over the teeth-thereunder, and when the lever isswung in the other direction said pawl will engage its teeth and cause the rotation of stem 1 and head 13. It will -of course be undertood one pawl-must engage its disk when it" e is .desiredtcscrew the bnror-nut while the other pawl must only he used when it is de sired to unscrew the same. By disengaging both-pawls from their disks stem 1 and disks Send 6 can be rotated independently of lever ,Sby'means of -handle4.

It will beseen thatthis tool is very simple, I

durable,and'inexpensive and can be used for conveniently screwing or unscrewing nuts, &c.; which are located at points where they cannot be conveniently reached by wrenches of'ordinary constructions. As the head it is detachably mounted in sock'et.2, it can be reinovedand a larger or smaller heads'ubstituted, and ifdesired,iother' tools+snCh as a 'sc'rew-drivenbit,&c. can be secured inthe' socket.

In the foregoing description I have shown the preferred formof my invention; but I do not limit myself thereto, as I am aware that modifications may departing from the spirit or sacrificingthe advantages thereof, and I thereforereserve the right to make such changcs as; fairly fali Within the scope of'rny invention.

Having" thus fully'des'cribed my invention, .what 1 claim as new, and desire to securehy Letters Patent, is-' 1 The combination with a stern having asocket at one end,toothed disks upon the stem in eitherdirection; of a head'detachably secured inethe socket,oppositely-disposed simi vlerjawvs pivoted to; the head eli'n'ing. yokes integral with the head and surrounding the jaws, resilient devices interposed between the headend jaws, and-means witiiiin the yokes for limiting the movement of the jaws.

2. Inadevice of the characterdescribed the, combination with a stern 'havin a socket st one end and a ratchet-lever f stern, of a head detachably :secif-red within the tease be made therein without and a'ratchetdeveradaptedto rotate the disks otating" the holdingsaidjawsin contact with; theg'adjnst ing means,

' 3. in tool'of theicharacter descrihed the combination with arotateble stennhaving a socket in one end, ofia 'handle'nponthe stemi toothed disks secured tothc-ster'n andfihavingf theirteeth oppositely-arranged, a yoke rote;

tahly mounted on the stern and ennhracingthej disks, op'posi ely-disposed 'pawls pivoted with:

' the yoke a d engaging the respective disks,

resilient meansfor holding the pawls simultaneonsly or separately in or out "of engagea merit with 'theirdis'ks, operatingalever ex-j tending fromthe yoke, a head detachahly se .cnred within the'socket; oppositely-disposed jaws pivotedto the head and extending along 1 opg'iositesides thereof, recessed extensions at the free ends of the jaw-s forengagingya de' vice to be rotated, alining yokes extending in opposite directions from and integralwith the head, said yokessurrounding the jaws,

[means within the yokes for adjustingthe jaws,

and rneans interposed between the jawsand head for holding said' jawsin contact with the adjnstingfmeans.

v1n testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification inthe presence of two enhscrihing witnesses.


Witnesses: I

Denim d. EARY, Jenn Lnnnnnn.

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