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Publication numberUS79703 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 7, 1868
Publication numberUS 79703 A, US 79703A, US-A-79703, US79703 A, US79703A
InventorsE. Stewart
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US 79703 A
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Letters Patent No. 79,703, dotad July 7,1868.


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Be it known that I, GEORGE E. STEWART, of East Saginaw, in the county of Saginaw, State of Michigan, have invented a new and improvcd` Corn-I-Iusker or guard for the protection of the handsin husking corn, which also facilitates the breaking of the ear from the stalk; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof, reference being had ,to the accompaning drawings, and to 'the letters of reference marked ther'eon, making a part of this speeifieation. i I

My invention relates to an improved device for protecting the hand in breaking an car of corn from lits stalk, and it consists in two plates, having each a sharp edge, pivoted together at one end,,and applied to the hand by suitable means. i

It is well known that in breaking an eer of corn from its stalk, preparatory to husking, the stem of the earis grasped by one hand, While with the other the car is broken from the stalk. Experience has proyed that the hand which grasps the stalk, and `over which the car is broken, is liablc to become tender and sore. To prevent this injury to the handis the object of my invention.

In the drawings i Figure 1 is aperspective view of myinvention applied to the human hand, showing the top of the protectingplates, the hand being closed. i

Figure 2 is a perspective view of -the palm of the open hand, showing the method of fastening the plates.

Similar letters of reference indicate like parts.` i

A and B represent two metallic plates, of the form shown in fig. 1, and pivotcd together at their inner ends, C. The plate A is applied to the iipper side of the thnmb, and the plate to the upper side of the first or index-finger. The letter plate is provided upon its edge, next the middle'fingcr of the hand, with a curved projection or. hook, D, fitting orer the index'finger, and upon its under side is formed or attached a eurved metallic strip, G, extcnding partially across the palm of the hand. 7

w The plate B is seeured to the index-finger by a leather or other fleible strap, F, attachcd at one endjo N the plate G, and passing over the knuckles of the hand, alfixed to the outer edge of the plate as shown.

The plate A is attached to the thumb by'a similar strop, E, passing from the outer cdgewof the plate'around the thumb to a curved strip, Lformcd upon the under side of said plate. By means of these attachments the plates open and close with corresponding moveinents of the hand without diifieulty.

In breaking an car of corn from the stalk, the hand armed with my improved protection-plates grasps the stcm firmly just below the car. The latteris then bentover and broken off by the other hand, the sharp edges of the plates A B greatly facilitating the breakage of the same.

w The prineipal advantage derived from the use of my improved device consists iu the protection which it affords the hand in gathcring corn from the'stnlks. t

Having thus `dcscribed my invcntion, what I claim ns new, and dcsire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

The protccting-deviee dcscribed, consistin'g of the pivotcd metallic plates A B, sccured to the index-finger and thnm'b of the n'earcr by means of the curved strips D G I, and straps E F, all constructcd and Operating as herein'descnibed, for` the purposc spccilied.



WM. L. Warren, AFRED W. Nisw'rox.

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